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Chancellor comes today Armin Wolf in «» Zeit they Bild «» & # 39;


Chancellor Kurtz goes to the Armin Wolf this evening in ZIB2 – officially due to the tax reform. Chancellor slip blue derailment.

with Michael Jungwirth | 5:00 am April 30, 2019

Brief Wolf in ZIB2 - 2016
Brief Wolf in ZIB2 – 201 ©

The fuss is about with the & # 39; the appearance of the Secretary-General of the Freedom Party harald Vilimsky in armin Wolf time in Figure 2, has not yet passed, saying even now attracts international circles. German and US media have taken at the same time the scandals. Wolf compared with the controversial label Styria Youth HER-Semitic caricatures of Nazi weekly newspaper «forward» Vilimsky rejected comparisons ago as a deformity. Blue Head ORF Foundation, Norbert Steger, recommended by leading ORF on Saturday FPÖ politician Ursula Stenzel Wolf compared the methods of questioning the methods of the national court.

Against this background, a & # 39 is the leader's visit and the OVP chancellor Kurtz this evening in ZIB-2 in a different light. The Chancellor is associated with the tax reform, which is currently being presented to the public on Küniglberg guest recent liberal incidents and systematic attack on the French the ORF, it may also be considered.

ORF – the enemy of the FPÖ

It was soon after his return from China in the ZIB is also due to the concerns of the international image of the Chancellor of Austria. The discussion about a possible «Orbanisierung Austria", which is a radical from Austria abroad, the Chancellor wants to avoid all means of land. Targeted, systematic, implemented in public policy thrusts against ORF and intimidation of independent media is contrary to the basic rules of a modern democracy. At the same time you need a short time and again accused of being given the freedom too much free rein and too rare to read the riot act.

On the other hand, the MTA has long found that the ORF to be very popular, quotes promising enemy. If you attract a liberal leader in tent festivals or events of their skin against the ORF, applause erupts obsessed. Systematic attacks on disk on ORF liberal communication platforms flipped into the air. Outrage over such omissions are welded together, the blue camp and have their calls FPO Olle victims. Catastrophic cycle.

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