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Controversy over the theater of the contract are divided into Linz and country

Controversy over the theater of the contract are divided into Linz and country

LINZ. Now head of the Bruckner Orchestra Linz attacked Mayor Klaus Luger. The Social Democrats, in turn, plays in an open letter to Governor Thomas Stelzer blame.

Presented project yesterday: Haimbuchner (l.), Luger, Stelzer, Haberlander, Strugl photo:

Cultural and political disputes between the city of Linz and the province of Upper Austria have developed a dynamic that is still hard to auszusteuern. After Mayor Klaus Luger announced the termination of the contract with the theater land, the State Theater Director Herman Schneider compared this approach with "populism from a sharp trumps." Now head of the Bruckner Orchestra, Marcus sets Poschner after. He speaks of a "catastrophe, scandal." City to turn away from its main institutions.

SPÖ party leader Stefan Giegler said yesterday in an open letter and played buck Governor Thomas Stelzer in. This made him the "made in a short period of its exclusive financial responsibility for the culture, the country's theater and orchestra GmbH 5,891.499,44 €", to escape.

Here, the contract with the theater & # 39 is the only part of the whole city and the country, and thus to organize Luger and Stelzer. From infrastructure solutions at the Medical Faculty of the planned stadium weasel – link & # 39 are complex, as diverse

The conflict comes to a head

40-year agreement regulates cultural financial flows between town and country: the city of Linz on, TOG (theater, GmbH orchestra) of the country of about 14 million euros, reverse urban shoots Liwa countries (Linz Event GmbH Bruckner House is, Tips Arena, a stadium, Posthof is) about seven million euros.

"I do not know if one will be in Linz in mind. – Theater of the contract permit extended in the musical world like wildfire, loss of prestige that goes along with this message, it's absurd, it's a disaster. scandal. City turns away from its most successful institutions, "says Poschner.

Like Bruckner Orchestra Linz and the city that you wear in the name of service. Country director of the theater Herman Schneider asked the room renamed the Bruckner Orchestra of Upper Austria "absurd" for Poschner. What is needed now was a "vision, the perspective of how the future of the cultural city of Linz should be as follows. We have the potential here to bring to the end, otherwise I do not personally have no reason to work here, that would be really hard. "However, there was no discussion on how to further cooperation with the city may look to outside 2019/12/31 Poschner:.« It is absurd to think that the Bruckner Orchestra should not take place in the house of Bruckner, who have made internationally level, only laughter. "

Resolution theatrical theme contract SPÖ Linz Group Chairman Stephen Giegler yesterday in an open letter to the State Theater General Director of Schneider and ensembles of the State Theater. "Within a few days tirades in the media and on the stages of the cultural institutions of the country against the resolution Theater Linz agreement," wrote Giegler. The mayor of the city of Linz has been accused of disparaging way, "to suspend the conclusion of this agreement, the State Theater of financial collapse." Here, "the addressee critics wrong" was. In the end, he was Governor Thomas Stelzer (VP), which had been seized as a cultural and CFO TOG country nearly six million euros (see facsimile).

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