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"Dam" is under the $ 50 million mark –


Baby elephant with huge ears fewer Americans are lured into the theater than expected, "Dumbo", a remake of the eponymous animated classic from 1941 is played in the United States and Canada for the first weekend of about 45 million dollars (40 million euros).

The film is a scene from "Dumbo"

AP / Disney

To make a fantastic film directed by Tim Burton landed Although primarily at the box office as the industrial portal «Box Office Mojo» today. Experts expressed, but it is expected that the production of crack mark of $ 50 million.

Ranks second in North America took the horror thriller "we." The film brought Jordan Peele at its second weekend of $ 33.6 million and US $ (29.9 million euros). In third place, "Captain Marvel" was a Hollywood star Brie Larson starring superhero.

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