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Dieter: If it rises now from American Idol? Instagram post may explode bomb


Just let let Dieter Bohlen on Instagram bomb explosion album, and now the next shock point for lovers of 65s: now costs about his withdrawal of American Idol?

  • On Instagram Dieter dropped a bomb: There's a new album!
  • DSDS star decided not to have enough time for an album and tour in Germany
  • The six-time father wants to have more time for friends Carina and his children
  • Will Dieter from, as well as American Idol now?

Update April 30, 2019: Just Dieter shocked his fans with the news that up to now there will be no new album Poptitanen. It was not only the time and his family & # 39; I begin again, DSDS jury said on Instagram.

Now, the next shock point for supporters of the former Modern Talking musician: Who are his children and for friends Carina and the withdrawal of American Idol?

Dieter Bohlen: Rises judge on American Idol?

If graphic RTL talent show held in 2010, that is, without Dieter Bohlen? unthinkable for fans of American Idol and bedrock and secret stars of the show! After the grand finale of this season of American Idol in the weekend Dieter was a fan asked if he would also sit in the next year, the jury finally bombshell: "Of course I". A short phrase that could have caused his supporters to facilitate

Dieter shock news for his fans – is not a new album!

The initial report from April 25, 2019 Daily Dieter reports Instagram with small, sometimes amusing excerpts from his daily life. In a brief video, pop titanium ¬ęTagesschau Dieter" is called, he delighted his fans with his positive, open nature. But this time, Idol star has unexpected sad news, as * reported.

Dieter does not shock fans: No new album due girlfriend Kareena?

It's really devastating news that Dieter Bohlen announced Instagram – and they have to do with his family & # 39; it, especially with girlfriend Kareena. 65-year-old leaves his bombshell: There will be no new album Dieter Bohlen! "People, I used to be not so good news for you today. I short, still no album. People I can not do, "admits DSDS jury. Solution was determined Dieter not easy because its proponents welcomed eagerly publication counter plate on which it should also be track Pietro Lombardi. To do this, Dieter is currently looking at ways of proper girlfriend American Idol, as the * reported.

Dieter Bohlen girlfriend Karina: "Because of the concerts, which is running amok"

In the end, the planned tour of Germany with the DSDS jury, of course, takes place. In Instagram video Dieter admits: "Either album or tour During the tour, I'm ready, I can not do it just in time to finish this album .." With the unexpected news of the expected pop titan so many fans come to the right front of the head. Now the ugly suspicion grows: Dieter decided because Carina against the new disc? Recently DSDS star has hinted that Karina girlfriend is not satisfied with the current, very tedious projects of their loved ones. "So, who do not know the album. It can really look RTL. Yes, it is only because of the concerts, which is running amok " Dieter said then.

Family Man Dieter Bohlen: DSDS jury chooses a girlfriend Carina and children against the new album

But Dieter is simply not true workhorse and a successful businessman, but also a hot seven & # 39; Yanin. In case of doubt, a six-time father always rule in favor of his family & # 39; and. That's why his appeal to his fans: "There is something else & # 39; I, I have kids – little understanding!". Recently Dieter Bohlen surprised his followers with a joyful message as * said: "Young in the patient '

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