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DSDS Finale 2019: a bad moment – Dieter misbehaves on & # 39 is the winner


On Saturday evening, he has been named to the new RTL DSDS Finale 2019 in Germany "superstar." This led to a terrible scene: Dieter, evidently, refused congratulations to the winners.

  • The final took place on April 27 at 20:15 hours on RTL.
  • The ten candidates have reached the motto of the show.
  • Four candidates are in the final: Alicia, Devin, Joan and Nick. In the end, Devin prevailed.
  • The winner will receive € 100,000 and a contract with Universal Music.

Update +++ +++ Ticker

Update, 21:21: As now is Davin with his victory on American Idol in? Would he give up his life and his old job as a geriatric nurse completely? He knows that loud image Interview & # 39; w still I do not know. "I love my job. As soon as I have time, I'll get back to work. But, of course, I am now fully focus on their dreams. Music only my life, "the winner of DSDS. But his boss did not know about his new plans: "In fact, I have not even talked to my boss. I'm curious to see what he will say. But I think I always have back his place in a nursing home. "

On Monday, Devin turned to their video «The River» singles. In addition, go to & # 39; on the ZDF television garden appearance and Shall We Dance.

And rumors about his personal life, is already there. With GNTM beauty he was allegedly seen in the billing and cooing as * reported.

Video: Winner with «The River» song

DSDS Finale 2019: Dieter misbehaves on & # 39 is the winner

Update, 16:56: Many Twitter users were asked to Idol final when Dieter resent or even upset that Davin, not his favorite victory. On Sunday, he put picture When we asked what he says Davina victory. A board sounded a little more conciliatory: "I am happy with all my heart for Davin and wish him luck in this very exciting business. Yes, I personally think Nick is better, but it only calls for more Davin and he won fairly. I wish all the candidates, the music is best for them and to thank all the departing for participation. And good luck, dear Davin! "

If a pop star so can just forget Congratulating Saturday night only passion? Dieter Bohlen, probably can only answer for myself …

Dieter did not congratulate DSDS winners Devin

Update April 28 at 8:50 am: Really exciting Idol finale was the 16th season. However, in a negative way – but in the end it was another surprise for the audience and the winner. Because after it was announced that Nanny Davin Herbrüggen winner of DSDS 2019 Sun all rejoicing. While the audience cheered and the winner Davin could hardly believe his luck, will have a good friend on the desired boss throne Jury DSDS Dieter Bohlen.

Dieter favorite was actually obvious Buskers Nick Ferretti, the board proved to be. Nick did not win, the board could not be clearly understood. He even left the stage to congratulate without Devin, as Twitter users noticed (see. Below), or with a & # 39 Devin Backstage Bohlen is congratulated by cameras, is unclear. Handshake on stage would have been a nice gesture anyway.

Idol Finale 2019: This is the winner of the 16th season! – A Dieter Bohlen with & # 39 is acidic

12:00: So that's about it again with Idol 2019! But the season is guaranteed 17 faster than we all think. By the time!

23:44: As all finalists DSDS- seems safe in any case, after this great Twitter user ideas. Solution: ZDF television garden!

Idol Finale 2019: Or & # 39 is on the Var Dieter & # 39; Yat?

23:18: Savvy Twitter users want even realized that Dieter Davin did not congratulate the winner …

23:10: Especially the online community, it would be easy, but that has not won Nick.

23:00: Or & # 39 is Dieter Bohlen is now strongly? No, of course, the song it for Nick. Now we could be even more widespread and ask if Nick aged debt. But no, we do not.

DSDS 2019: Wins

22:57: Devin with & # 39 is the winner of DSDS 2019 !!

22:57: 44 percent for the winner …

22:51: Many thanks to Ole goats for clarification that the DSDS Cup with & # 39 is absolutely shaky above. Also there is stored …

22:50 Dr. Fleischhauer is …

22:46: To kill some time now, until the winner is announced, there is the funniest performances casting candidates.

22:44: So only a few seconds for calls.

22:40: So little Dieter retrospective of the last 16 years of American Idol. Since Markus Lanz and Frauke Ludowig looked very young.

22:26: If the savings to be carried out in the American Idol ?? There used to be even higher profit bonus and seems to need to be kept songwriters … and candidates have not even Dschungelcamp potential. It makes us sad.

DSDS 2019: Dieter takes on a guy like a winner

22.30: "Now everyone will say again that I'm a macho, but I think the guys are just better than girls," said screed. So macho sayings include Dieter him, but he's not quite true …

22:29: Pietro finds unbelievable that he can sit in the jury … well, then it will be updated. Oh, and also a favorite Davin Pietro.

22:28: Oana all excellent.

22:26: Xavier promotetet Favorites Davin … since when he can Xavier really insignificant?

22:25: Another ESC song …

22:21: And the last song of the night finalists in the queue. Davin hot song «The River». After Devin can completely identify with his song, we just hope that it is not so trivial.

22:03: We just ask yourself: It was the final song on it to sound as unimportant as possible ?? But hey, it should be ensured participation of the ESC.

22.00: Joana song called «Like A Fool."

Idol Finale 2019: Dieter Bohlen said rumors about Nick Doof

21:56: Dieter said rumors about the age Nicky stupid. Well, we cleared that up. Yes, of course, that Nick's performance "mega".

21:55: Pietro doing now Dieter honor, in which he would rather give him. Nick was great.

21:54: Oana on stage … interesting. Not a song.

21:53: Kitsch music is ideal for Nicky Xavier.

21:50: Now Nick is allowed to "someone else." We've heard it before … it came to us as something familiar. A mixture of advertising and Sheeran songs. Definitely kitsch potential films. Dieter will find a good prognosis.

Idol Finale 2019: Song of Alicia breaks down perfume

21:46: Dieter Bohlen is, but something critical. "I do not know when it was good …. have very little whining in it. You have to listen several times to speak, with & # 39 is this good "for Twitter users, but it is understandable. Dieter Bohlen can blame only good if the songs are not from his pen.

21:44: Pietro thought it was pretty neat to Alicia.

21:43: Oana very strange excited …. who would have thought.

21:42: Xavier all "winners" – they are "all international."

21:40: Unfortunately, it sounds like a fairly arbitrary pop songs … but we think that virtually even with any ESC song. So, who knows, maybe their supporters enjoyed it.

21:38: Alicia's song called "Good Things". The song is in a good mood hit.

21:33: So now the original songs of four finalists for their turn.

21:25: And Dieter: «You have to dig until you find the one who sings the number as excited as you to the cemetery," But of course, he had earlier said that all this is very difficult to compare..

21:23: Now Xavier and boards can kloppen, because Xavier following Davin "Germany Idol» star.

21:19: Davin is now available with the «Everything I Do, I Do It For You» Bryan Adams on stage

"The thickness of the egg» American Idol finalist Joana

21:07: Dieter believes that the chicken really increased fat egg with mega performances. This feature is especially JOANA fans for tripping.

In addition, this race he came back well. Eventually. Joan was not listening and does not compare optics. And comparing the eggs really meant positively.

Pietro Lombardi is not thrilled with the Idol finalist Joan hundred percent

21:06: Pietro did not exactly thrilled. He wants to see up a gear on it. Oana but excited.

21:04Xavier always forgets how young Joan, because he finds them so professional.

20:59: Now turn with Joana «Sweet But Psycho» Ava Max. And the audience loves them.

20:57: Twitter users to find their way to the Hain ZDF hits attractive than Idol. Dense just different …

20:56: Again, the question arises about the network: Nick is really 29 ??

20:53: Twitter users a slightly different opinion. For many, no one is not necessarily the best singers of all time in American Idol. They accuse him of several more before dementia. Or to recommend it to the hearing aid.

Dieter Bohlen DSDS winner of 2019 probably obvious,

20:48: Dieter had not heard, but no effort at Nick, because for him it is clear that this presentation was the best in the full history of Idol. So praise the pop titans you do not get every day …

20:47: Pietro also felt a touch.

20:46: Xavier has not found his voice quite like the "clear". He obviously has an effort belongs, even if he thought it was great.

20:45: Nick brings Oana equal to cry …

20:42: Nick sings "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen with far less than the show Alicia – just him and his guitar.

20:39: Nick criticism guaranteed to get better. There are, after all, love Dieter.

Idol Finale 2019: Dieter Bohlen makes its reputation – "look was better than the song"

20:36: Dieter says Dieter "Visually, the appearance was a bomb" found it to be good, but it is also clear: The appearance was better than singing – Ouch.! Pietro found him after all also excellent.

20:34Oana Nechiti starts is calling all fans of Alicia. All that is a challenge, but Alicia is only so special.

20:33: And it's nice to the jury? Xavier clearly see growth, even if the low notes a little difficult.

Idol Finale 2019: Alicia with her first song from

20:30: Alicia performs his first song, "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys.

20:25: Alicia dedicates its parental involvement. Once again we see the way Alicia in the final of Idol 2019.

20:22: Flashbacks for 16 consecutive seasons.

20:19: Since the typical Idol anthem Oliver goats sounds really enters the correct tip for our ears.

20:15: Oy jeee and jury and candidates work too Cordula green. Catchy melodies so we are safe, but it also means that the DSDS starts !!

20:10: 5 minutes later we go … the voltage rises.

DSDS: Pietro Lombardi seeking woman

19:38: That the jury immediately before the Idol finale? So Pietro Lombardi is launching an appeal to all the women out there, and especially so to get out with: "Maybe it really is from this event today is likely to report a number of women who want to have me … Please, dear women in contact» Na if because you can not find! but someone seems to be pretty lonely.

19.30: something & # 39; I still Nick Ferretti will not be there. But the women and the children cheer carefully watching TV, as he said in an interview with & # 39; nd celebrities Flash.

19:13: The composition of DSDS jury will remain unchanged in 2020. Reported th RTL via Twitter.

Idol finalist Joan: How we roll Dieter Bohlen & Co. behind the camera

18:25: Geoana, the candidate was asked in the interview & # 39; th Riot, in fact, because the jury so ticks behind the cameras. "They, they come across on television. Dieter always has his remarks available. Whether in front or behind the camera. Like Dieter sayings. I know him personally difficult. I know him on television and may even appreciate what he has to say to me when I stand in front of him. Something like: "I love you because you are very young," And if it is not happy about it, because I really imagined the worst, because it is sometimes raushaut pretty tough spell, "says Joana .. DSDS without Dieter unimaginable for them: «Idol without Dieter Bohlen I could not imagine. He's a member of the show. it's his show. He & # 39 is the main judge. Idol will not be the same if Dieter Bohlen will not be there."

By the way, Joan also has a plan B for "Germany looks for a superstar." She wants to get an education as a nurse. But they will never stop the music.

Idol Final results 2019

+++ Hello and welcome to our ticker in the final Idol 2019! Who will win the 16th season of "Germany seeks the superstar"? Four candidates are competing for the title. Today, Saturday night to decide who gets the title of American Idol Finale 2019 lows.

DSDS 2019: Final – who will win the title? The patient in the jury

And it's that time again: American Idol 2019 Finale on April 27th. The focus again four young candidates who competed in 12 Castingshows recall in Ischgl, four consequences of withdrawal in Thailand and three live shows. And left these four candidates are: student Alicia Awa Beissert (21) from Bochum, Home Caregiver Davin Herbrüggen (20) from Oberhausen, student Joana Kesenci (17) from Gronau and musician Nick Ferretti (29) from Palma de Mallorca ( Spain). Four final songs of the contenders for the title of American Idol 2019 is already available for download.

Candidates then each perform a certain individual song and their own song on American Idol, and the final stage.

The jury, headed, which was to deliver the sad news Dieter his supporters that he will not bring them a new album, you can really give feedback, but do not select a winner. Who "searches for Germany Superstar 2019", the name of the audience decide.

Idol Finale 2019: This candidate songs

And these four single songs candidates:

  • Alicia Awa: Girl on Fire (Alicia Keys)
  • Devin: (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (Bryan Adams)
  • Joan: Sweet But Psycho (Ava Max)
  • Attention Hallelujah Leonard Cohen

These songs, perform a finalist in its concluding song:

  • Alicia Awa: Good Things
  • Devin: River
  • Joan: Like a fool
  • Username: Someone else

Listen Final songs DSDS 2019 may be the way already on RTL.

Vocal presentation will be, we hope, we hope, will not emergency care, as in the first DSDS motto show of the 16th season.

DSDS 2019: It's finalists

Alicia Awa Beissert (21) of the student Bochum

Alicia owes its participation in American Idol 2019 her mother. It was then that she finally does what from her singing talent and persuaded her daughter to use with an unusual measure "Either you're going to last Idol, or you should be looking more for an apartment," This convinced Alicia and Alicia convinced casting directly all jurors. Oana Nechiti gave her a "Golden Disc" and a ticket to remind Thailand. How to loose a candidate managed to Alicia in the final live in the final, that it is not a joy.

Davin Herbrüggen (20) of Kerezhiver Oberhausen

Cute Father & # 39 is a true child of the Ruhr, and is proud of it. Nursing home Devin singing for the elderly and I am glad that he can make them happy that way. Davin lives for music and wants to impress people with his music and touch. Even when driving at concerts, he promised: "I will fight and give everything to the end" in the course of the season to Davin developed and again broke the jury and the audience. It pushes with amtierendeGewinnerin
DSDS 2018 Marie Wegener's fingers aspicture betrayed.

Joan Kesenci (17) student from Gronau

Geoana with & # 39 is a chicken this year's American Idol and the season. From childhood, 17-year-old American Idol, and harassed. The first season, she knows about mitverfolgte, he won the P & # 39; Etra Lombardi. However, her parents, it was important that she first makes her school before she competes in American Idol. On the day of her application she had signed her father even American Idol and she surprised them. During the season, it has been improved steadily and earned a finals. Maybe they plan to nurse training has to wait for the first, they have to win on Saturday.

Nick Ferretti (29) musicians from Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

Nick Ferretti comes from New Zealand and currently works in Palma de Mallorca as a street musician. There he was found by Dieter Bohlen in the pedestrian zone. He posted a video on his Instagramaccount Nicky and praised him for the night. He also invited him to audition for one of American Idol 2019. Nick, who had never heard of before Dieter, followed by a call to pop titans and impressed with his consistently good performance from the first casting on. In concerts, he accompanied himself with his songs always just with his guitar and got great feedback from the jury. Nevertheless, the stubborn rumors that he cheated on his age holds.

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