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First test: How well the new Range Rover Evoque – Vorarlberg News


Range Rover Evoque: reduced fee, ausgeweiteter Technology and hybridized soft wheels. factory

Evoque starts at zero updated in its second generation.

Athens Proof that you can not please everyone and do not have a friendly look, to be successful, the Range Rover Evoque is clearly available. 215 price includes an Englishman with an almost haughty look absurd, more than 800,000 customers were closed. The new version of the country Rover rapid completion of the first one million in its sights.

For the second generation almost unchanged 4.4-meter SUV value is left only with respect to the hinges with the old developers. You smoothed appearance, including hidden lounges LED headlights and a retractable door handles, which reduce to Fünftürigkeit (doing now convertible version is obsolete), revised suspension and chassis, a digital cockpit and infotainment system, implanted in the inter & # 39; EASURES with dual touch-screen multi donated his depth watts (currently 600, previously 500 mm), set a higher level of all-wheel drive system and a variety of electronic comfort and safety of a master. New virtual rearview mirror (self-cleaning chamber Sharkfin antenna provides an enlarged rear view of a 9.5-inch display), and so-called transparent cap (camera in the exterior mirrors and bottom grille provides an image on the central display center console).

Mild hybrid on board

As for the transmission, that is, in each two-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline and triple-band power diesel in the house were, in principle, since it is in the range from 150 to 300 horsepower. But this initial Diesel (150 hp) engines mild hybrids, only now with a belt-driven starter generator and a 48-volt electrical system. The base diesel as the only front-wheel drive, along with a manual six-speed gearbox, and all other options with a & # 39 are clamped together with a standard four-wheel drive and nine-speed automatic transmission.

The sum of its new features demonstrated Evoque II, 249 horsepower Beziner and 250-horsepower diesel engine in Greece, between Athens, Corinth and the Peloponnese on all types of roads: relaxed comfort on the highway quickly flitzig on fast country road curves, extremely precise track and kniffligem subway a la narrow gauge railway bridge, the river bed of the river, nimble foot on the steep climbs and descents, it bracing- and rattling on the bumpy, studded with boulders mountain trails. BKH

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