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Frank Elstner at Lanza (ZDF) talks about the bizarre actions – that he knew that he was ill


After «Wetten, Dassin …?" Frank Elstner from the German television landscape becomes indispensable. The talk show host Markus Lanz, the moderator then gave a bitter honest interview & # 39; S. Audience stirred.

Vertically, it sits there, in casual jeans and blue blazer with the same charming smile, as always. At first glance, Frank Elstner operates unchanged. only take a second look at: His hands are shaking.

In recent years, only a popular television presenter made it publicly Parkinson's disease. His colleague and confidant ZDF Markus Lanz Elstner said is now completely open to talk about their lives, destroying the diagnosis and his fears.

Frank Elstner: first, doctors did not even recognize his Parkinson's disease

For five years, which should «Wetten, Dassin …" – Moderator already living with the disease, initially unnoticed. He was world champion in displacing he admits, is the beginning and the first signs initially not noticed – the more so that doctors initially did not even realize that he is really suffering from Parkinson's disease.

It was only when it was discovered three years ago, when the sleepwalking in the bathroom there is a towel and accumulated in the middle of the night, he realized that something was wrong. Sleepwalking and Parkinson's may be bonded to each other, in accordance with Elstner viz. If he is attacked after the first bite fork while eating, he had to finally admit that something has changed.

Disappointment, not despair Frank Elstner after diagnosis

Nevertheless Elstner do not want to talk after his diagnosis of Parkinson's despair – rather disappointing. Finally, he tried very hard to eat well, exercise, and healthy lifestyle.

Now he's trying to take everything as easy as possible, says 77-year-old. But now it has no reason to lie. He knew that the recognition of his Parkinson's will go through the media, "but as I have now!".

He was just afraid one day to sit in the restaurant and watch the people, because they are just waiting until he falls, the food fork.

Frank Elstner Parkinson's disease, "Now I Hald part in"

Otherwise Elstner almost flippantly about his illness. 200,000 patients with Parkinson's disease exists in Germany, "currently owned by" I keep it! ".

Of course, there were uncomfortable moments, but he tried to fight the fear away. It is, but it is not always possible. So was his biggest problem with the & # 39 is that he can no longer live independently one day. With it happening tomorrow Parkinson never be the same, he said the moderator, you can predict, in any case, what can be expected and should always expect a deterioration. but so far he has not had, fortunately, there is no shortage.

If Markus Lanz (ZDF): Elstner explanation for his success

Elstner and does not seem to want to also be separated from his work in the media. In the end, he has also worked very hard to succeed.

"I never pay anything," he said Elstner recalls. Even in difficult times, he had to go. For example, after the fall of just one of his school at the end and I had to hang up his studies to be undertaken in the theater on a nail. After all, he drank quite a lot – but always continued to struggle. He knew that with hard work, it can compensate for what he could not in itself.

And it's hard work pay off. As the inventor and host of the popular entertainment show «Wetten, Dassin …?" Elstner was one of the favorite leaders on German television. Elstner mission success is due to his interest in the guests, that one must always be at the center: "I played as a leading viewers."

Frank Elstner and Markus Lanz talked about the past of the artist.


«? Wetten, Dassin …" – the inventor admits: "I've only played Frank Elstner"

But not only are viewers «Wetten, Dassin …?" – played an inventor, but also the way he recognizes Frank Elstner was nothing more than part of the .. In fact, he was not even in it. In fact, he was actually baptized in the name of Tim Franz Maria.

Perhaps it was exactly what Elstner actors helped to cope with a huge success, and all the media hype surrounding his person. Facilitator explains, in particular, for a few days before each shipment of nerve advance. If he knew that he broadcast on Saturday night, he can not sleep on Thursday.

users of social media is mixed and agitated

Nevertheless Elstner not give up, to be able to free media. He also said, at present, to launch its own channel on YouTube, where he met many interesting people – the project even without a live audience.

but the same is still in awe of his beloved TV. "Mr. Alston with & # 39 is a television legend," users write in the comments to his Youtube channel.

Viewers ZDF touched Elstner honesty. For example, it says on Twitter: "I just flashed your great style and openness" or "very good, which is moving and humorous conversation! My compliments !!! "

Already in the first episode of his new YouTube channel Frank Elstner touched his audience and his guests.

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