Saturday , July 31 2021

George Clooney is auctioning off his Harley – for good cause

George Clooney raises money for charitable causes and makes his wife happy: After an accident with a scooter in Sardinia, the actor decided to auction off his motorcycle.

US actor George Clooney (57) split a few months after a scooter accident from one of his two-wheeled vehicles. As part of a charity auction, Oscar winners offer a barely used Harley Davidson, built in 2017, with a signature on the gas tank.

The minimum bid is $ 28,000. Until November 15, it can be offered, as reported by US magazine "People" on Tuesday. The Homes For Our Troops auction, which continues to US veterans, is packed with celebrities, including Ben Stiller, Kenny Chesney and Jake Gyllenhaal.

US actor George Clooney at your Harley in Italy. (Source: imago / Zuma)US actor George Clooney at your Harley in Italy. (Source: imago / Zuma)

According to the description on the auction website, motorcycle Clooney only has 40 kilometers on the speedometer. Clooney's wife, Amal, urged after the accident that kept him away from two-wheeled vehicles, he continued.

Clooney was lightly injured in a traffic accident in July on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia Italy, when his scooter was hit by a car and thrown into the air. US actors and British-Lebanese lawyers have been married since 2014 and parents of one-year-old twins.

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