Gmunden Musical Spring holds "Doctor Zhivago" in spring


Gmunden Musical Spring holds "Doctor Zhivago" in spring

Gmunden. In its fifth year of existence, the festival shone with the Austrian premiere.

Gmunden Spring Musical stage in spring

Tourism Director Andreas Murray (left) with Caspar Richter, Elisabeth Sikora and Wolfgang Olzinger Image: OÖN / Fellner

The film "Doctor Zhivago" (with Omar Sharif in the lead role) is classic. In 2011, US composer Lucy Simon from the Russian revolutionary novel (a novel by Boris Pasternak) also made a musical. From April 2019 onwards, the Austrian premiere will take place at Gmundner Stadttheater at Musical Spring – and music fans from home and abroad have tidied up the ticket.

"The interest of the audience is very large"

As in previous years, director Wolfgang Olzinger, music director Caspar Richter and actress Elisabeth Sikora were string pullers. This trio started Musical Spring five years ago and has continued to grow since then. After eight "Jane Eyre" shows sold out last season, ten shows "Doctor Zhivago" are planned to start April 11 2019. This time there are also options for more nights.

Spring music is now a fixture on the international scene. "We have made a name for ourselves with historical-romantic European pieces," said Caspar Richter. "Foreign guests know what awaits them in Traunsee, and the interest is very large."

Spring music has a budget of around 200,000 euros. "Elsewhere, working on a budget is much higher," said Wolfgang Olzinger. "We can only do it because each of us makes a number of moves, from stage design to press relations, we do everything ourselves."

However, the game will not be funded by entry fees. The Traunsee tourism and municipalities participate in fees. For the tourism industry, music is an opportunity to increase the occupancy of beds in pre-season. City hall in turn fulfills a cultural mission. "We are not only proud of Musical Spring's international success," said VP Mayor Stefan Krapf. "This is also a great cultural offer, Gmundner itself – especially for our youth." Customer reviews have been automatically translated from German.

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