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GZSZ Star wiring self – Fans are worried, "Please, let help you"


Ex-GZSZ Linda Marlen Runge shocked his fans with self.

© Screenshot Instagram lindamar_offical

GZSZ fans know Linda Marlen Runge as the «Anni Brehme». The actress left the RTL «Gute Zeiten» series to make music. Photo on Instagram to shock her fans.

Cologne – The GZSZ Linda Marlen Runge spent five years as «Anni Brehme» here. She played in more than 1,250 episodes of lesbian sound Ani Brehm. In the summer of 2018 33-year-old then went out of the daily soap. Linda Marlen Runge wanted to focus on her musical car & # 39; EASURES more. devote his something & # 39; Yu and her group «Lejana» more time.

Return as the «Anni Brehme» GZSZ in the area are not excluded from the RTL then it was to find out how the website. Your character does not die, and it is a classic Serientod. Thus, returning to the soap is still possible.

GZSZ fans want their audience favorite returns

On Instagram Linda Marlen Runge keeps their followers on their projects to manage. Follow your account (as of April 25, 2019) 139000 person. Of course, many of them are happy with their success as a musician. nevertheless sworn GZSZ fans miss her audience favorite. In comments to him post written by a supporter of the required number of times a phrase like «I Miss GZSZ real», «OMG you look absolutely hammer and miss you very much in GZSZ» or «Come to GZSZ».

In GZSZ Linda Marlen Runge was seen as «Anni Brehme». Summer 2018, the actress and singer from the daily soap accepted.

© MG RTL D / Bernd Jaworek

Supporters are concerned GZSZ dropouts

"You look soo incredibly sick. If this is in fact someone on ?? "But as a user marks a post Instagram. Photo Linda Marlen Runge March 11 – responsible for her birthday.

"33 years and still are not able to make a reasonable picture of influenza," the singer says with a wink. He continued, "And here I am in the prime of his life with 'NEM hesitantly hidden clothes dryer, down incoming color wall (thanks Cat) Ner bustle chest …"

In contrast, recent photo deters other supporters. 33-year-old looks haggard and thin out on Instagram self. "Linda, a girl, take care of yourself … please accept your help," warns the user. "Why are you so thin? Should we be concerned? "Asks another.

Comments on this seomu is now removed. These Insta-Post also asked the 33-year-old in «unkommentierbar».

In addition, another GZSZ-Star, fans do very worried, she went into hiding for a long time and gave an excuse now known.

RTL-soap «Gute Zeiten» is open from Monday to Friday at 19.40. Wolfang Bahro alias Jo Gerner with & # 39 is so GZSZ 1,992th Many fans believe that the current trailer for the series GZSZ predicts his own death. But is it really so?

The former star of the RTL soap «Gute Zeiten» died at the age of 88 in the Berlin nursing home.

Ex-GZ star Linda Marlen Runge founded in 2008 with the Mexican musicians Eder Perales group «Lejana».


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