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How to get the most out of the LTE router


Those who want to join at the age of Netflix and Co. for a wireless network on the Internet – for example, stream movies on a laptop, mobile phone or TV or play online – need to connect to LTE router. " […]

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Those who want to join at the age of Netflix and Co. for a wireless network on the Internet – for example, stream movies on a laptop, mobile phone or TV or play online – need to connect to LTE router. "The basis for fast wireless is always a good Internet connection, with sufficient bandwidth. Best Internet, however, is worth nothing if the wireless router has failed, "said Maximilian Schirmer, managing director and adds:" If you follow the five simple rules, you can use simple tools over the Internet. "

Choosing the right router – the keyword «Carrier Aggregation» recommends the LTE router «Carrier Aggregation», also known as the «LTE-Advanced» use and explains why (or, at least, six categories of LTE devices): LTE network uses different frequencies. While lower frequency bands (800 MHz and 900) have the advantage to light over long distances, higher bandwidth (1800 MHz and 2600) provide higher speed. Furthermore, each frequency band in channels – so called "bearers" – are divided. Wider channel, the higher the maximum speed as well. However, to date, especially after a & # 39; appearance of the first LTE router in the main device without carrier aggregation on the market that can only connect to a single carrier. If this ability, they should switch to another or fail. By contrast, LTE carrier aggregation router, such as the use Huawei B618S, several frequency bands at the same time, or to use a plurality of channels within the frequency band. It gives more bandwidth, more stable and faster. Since most modern smartphones already support carrier aggregation, advises protest wireless router SIM-card in a mobile phone. If one is much slower than the router, via a mobile phone, the exchange would be appropriate.

Location router

In addition, recommends pay attention to the correct location and the correct alignment of the router. If the signal from the & # 39 is correct, it can be tested on many devices based on light signals on the device or the router's Web interface. If performance is poor, before the router offers place in different places and in a few days, at different times, to do speed tests, for which the comparison portal creates a test speed for free. Ideally, the router sight to the cellular antenna, so the position of the window is particularly suitable, but not closed places or boxes. There is a wireless router has an external antenna, you can also contact your service provider, from which the transmission tower he comes and place the router antenna point there. Who knows exactly when mounted antenna, where it is located on the device, different power must be tested for the orientation in portrait or landscape format.

Choosing a mobile operator

Overwhelmed by the mobile network bandwidth to optimize bandwidth divided by classes of use. Here LTE tariffs mainly for homes, compared to the traditional phone rates, disadvantaged. Caution should be exercised except discounters: Internet traffic is routed through the so-called "peering" from source to destination. How quickly peering expensive, some discount stores at cheaper peerings access, thereby reducing the speed and increasing the delay time. But since mobile networks are usually dynamic, party power once at full power, even the other. Based on millions of measurements, free SpeedMap provides an overview. In order to maintain flexibility and to avoid long bond provider informs the comparison portal for SIM-only tariffs. Who wants to be absolutely sure which provider is better in the right place, all three LTE network should just try at home. In this regard, some providers offer a test phase and are valid for purchases in the 14-day right of termination. To change the service providers should in any case to transfer the ideal position of the wireless router.

Wireless compared to Ethernet

Often, however, the very quality of the WLAN Internet brakes. During a speed test, the router must be connected via a LAN cable to your computer in order to avoid restrictions imposed by WLAN. In general, the connection via the LAN cable connection is preferred Wi-Fi. If this is not possible, recommends able to choose LTE router, which can also be used much faster 5 GHz frequency band for wireless local area network for dual-band. If you still do not apply these measures advises the following: You must ensure that the frequency of 5 GHz Wireless also explicitly activated and connects a laptop or mobile phone, using the 5 GHz network. If this is achieved, it may be about the amplifier – so-called "repeater" – which is simply plugged into the output connection. In large homes plus a mesh network WLAN router to create a useful way of & # 39; unification of several nationwide network devices.

Number or home antenna

Especially in rural areas, the masts of mobile operators are often far away. In this case, you can help with its own, more powerful antenna. They are either inside the window (useful from about 60 euros), if possible on the front wall or installed on the roof (about 130 euros) and accurately aligned with the transmission towers or the like. advises also in this case to select a multi-band antenna for multiple frequencies, which are then connected to the cable router.

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