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Identitary: Kickl is now under attack


Vienna. Common with & # 39; appearance of FPOe Home Secretary Herbert Kikl identitary in 2016 with widespread Internet countless times. So often that the actual question now German and British exchange sensitive and confidential information policies of their countries with the internal Minister of the Interior.

Appearance, causing the opposition to top-secret National Security Council on Monday as planned. It convenes on Monday gentle Cowes identitarian and their alleged links with neo-Nazi terrorists Christchurch.

The focus of the Security Council, of course, none other than the blue inter & # 39; er the minister. It should SPO and the list just described him yesterday as a "security threat" to answer the investigators' questions.

Short wants firmness against the right-wing extremist identitary

In addition, ANPE one is not happy about the past relationships between the compound and the right blue. VP-Chancellor Kurtz made in Austria interview & # 39; nd clear: "He who is very kind to Austria, can not and must not have contact with the radicals" in the Freedom Party to protect Kickl and is just quietly distancing themselves from identitary against these.. studies run on donations Australian neo-Nazi mass murderer in the identitary and possible further contacts are now in full swing. International intelligence agencies also look at Austria.

Match Kickl – Mushroom in court on Monday

On Monday, Interior Minister Herbert Kikl and Peter Pilz meet for the second time in front of the Commercial Court in Vienna. Kickl before the & # 39; showed opposition politicians claim for an injunction after he called it a "national security threat" In court on Monday, will now also CEO of BAT Peter Gridling and director of National Security, Michaela Kardeis statements..

They should provide information on the currently less whether international intelligence services cooperate with Austria because of attacks against BAT. Pilz now attacked Kickl as "one of the greatest dangers."

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