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iFixit: Even from Apple Airpods 2 can not be restored


repair specialists at iFixit disassembled the new Airpods. In a detailed report, they describe their experiences. IFixit opinion is clear: There is criticism that can not be Airpods repair the second generation. Thus, there is the same result as in the first generation Airpods. Repairs will always be relevant hardware apart and assessment includes maintainability on a scale of zero to ten. While ten repairable for particularly well.

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For Airpods 2 iFixit assigns zero because Bluetooth Hörstöpsel can not be opened without damaging them. Short-sightedness, because built-in battery is sealed, making it difficult to repair correspondence. It turns out that there are other ways too obvious.

In recent years, the galaxy kidney were dismantled on the Samsung and got six of iFixit scale. After all, there is a built-in battery with a little effort can repair. Therefore, if the battery is over, Samsung Hörstöpsel should not be discarded, but can be repaired.

Airpods 2 Supports Bluetooth 5.0

When disassembling Airpods 2 new control chip was found, which showed Apple. While she, Apple does not mention it, it's so loud iFixit, the new control chip, with Bluetooth 5.0 features. This will allow a more rapid establishment of a Bluetooth connection than first-generation Airpods.

Airpods 2 are optionally available with the new Ladeetui, which can be recharged wirelessly. This makes Airpods 2, but more expensive, classic Ladeetui they exist at a price that is no longer officially sold by Apple's, in the previous model. In Airpods manual charging station Airpower is mentioned that Apple has, but now officially refused and did not enter the market. Apple has a company there at the moment, so no charging accessories Airpods 2 wireless compliance Ladeetui.

Also on Ladeetui significant problems opening, being able to change the internal battery. In addition to winning Ladeetui iFixit worst kind for Reparierkbarkeit. In contrast to the first Ladeetui Airpods additional protective layer was slightly endeckt Ladeetui better sealing against water.

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