Saturday , April 17 2021

It's about time: The first trailer for the Artemis Fowl movie Disney

It's time, he says on the poster, and that about sums. The fact that Artemis Fowl Only now – or, more precisely, on the August 8, 2019 – making the leap to the big screen, have surprised. And finally, eight pieces of Colfer fantasy novel series is also known as a popular and practical, came to talk with the film adaptation of 2001, the first book on the market. But he took Disney and Kenneth Branagh. Disney before CinderellaDirector to make this film, finally become a reality. And the first teaser still quite early on it!

"Artemis Fowl" teaser 1 (Ger.)

Twelve-year-old genius Artemis Fowl (Ferdia Shaw) comes from a long line of criminal masterminds, and goes in search of his father, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. He found an ancient underground civilization – advanced fantastic world of fairies. Artemis concludes that the disappearance of his father must have had something to do with this secret world and hatches a dangerous plan – so dangerous that he finally finds himself in a war of the mind with all-powerful fairies.

Lara McDonnell (With Love – Where Rainbows) Plays Captain Hall blinders, lively, brave elf, fairy stole Artemis demand of gold as ransom. They live in an underground world of fairy Haven City Judi Dench as commander of the Root, the leader of the police and fairy Leprecon Josh Gad mulch Rytvinga, kleptomaniac dwarf, who was trying to help save Holly. Above the ground with the & # 39 are Nonso Anonzie (Cinderella() As a bodyguard something & # 39; and Fowl named Butler Tamara Smartworst Witch) (As Butler niece Juliet and Miranda Raison Branagh Murder on the Orient Expressfound), the mother of Artemis Angeline. Still unknown is the role of Hong Chau (unbundling) Held.


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