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Kapsch TrafficCom receives US patent litigation law


Vienna (APA) – Kapsch TrafficCom received a US patent dispute over toll systems more legal certainty. The Court of Appeal has now confirmed the decision in favor of Kapsch. "For Kapsch with & # 39 is an important and landmark court decision," the company said on Tuesday, the AP. Business sector is concerned we are talking about multi-valued million amount.

Company neologism seen their patents in 2014, due to the import of products for electronic toll systems "using ISO / IEC communication protocol 18000-6C (6C standard)," sick and complained of Kapsch. Already in 2015, announced the US Patent and Trademarks with a 6C-standard requirements of emptiness neologism, the US Agency for Foreign Trade (International Trade Commission, ITC) rejected claims more than 2017 invalid.

In April, the Federal Court upheld the questions of rights to patents, in the US Thus, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, "the invalidity of patents on the issue" and confirmed the decision of the ITC. "The solution gives us, finally, legal certainty and reduced business risk in a very important growth market."

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