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Mars – the mysterious world of the desert


Berlin –

Countdown to the first manned Mars mission continues. In terms of technology mission to the Red Planet today possible. How long will the first man to set foot on Mars, but it is controversial.

At the beginning of August 2048 forecast Ulrich Walter, a former astronaut and professor of space technology at Munich Technical University. While Suzorye & # 39; I Earth-Mars will be favorable for landing on the planet, which is only half of our size, says the physicist. He believes that all this will be unlikely. Others are very optimistic.

Of course, there is one problem: the astronaut need to eventually get back a whole. And Voltaire still sees significant risks. But: "There's a planet, which we can achieve only reason is to get people to go there, – says Walter asked what there waiting for people, a new documentary.." Mars – the mysterious world of the desert ", which shows the ZDF on Sunday ( 21 July) at 19.30 in the series "Terra X" on that day. 50 years ago, Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon.

And why all this? For many Mars scientists exciting even for ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst, the first German commander of the International Space Station ISS. He believes that life is on a rocky planet, where the flight takes six to seven months. "If we fly to Mars and find traces of life, as if extinct or save lives, it would mean that it was probably just twists life" – Gerst says. "That would be one of the greatest philosophical events that you can only imagine how people's knowledge, we are not alone in the universe."

On the planet there is no evidence of advanced life, known for their irzhavata red desert landscape. "Mars was very similar to the earth," – says an astronaut. "He had a dense atmosphere." And unlike today, on the surface it has been and water. Still visible lightweight gypsum formation may have been caused by the evaporation of water. It is also interested scientists: what happened there – and what you can learn from it about the Earth? And what else can be found – in a system of canyons 4000 km long, for example, the biggest in our galaxy?

Fascinated by space travel and the head of the American manufacturer of electric car "Tesla", Elon Musk, wants to fill Mars and bring a million people to the Red Planet. Mars for him – this is an alternative Earth. But living there will not be easy.

The first mission to Mars should be a problem. Dr. Carmen Paznig, who spent a year at Concordia Station in Antarctica, in an environment where astronauts will be living on a different planet, knows the problem: loneliness, low stimulation, particularly small – only a few.

Alexander Gerst said that for people who are on Mars, the earth would be only small blue dot. "On the one hand, it's scary, of course, there's nothing left that we know we are in a completely new country. On the other hand, I look forward to the first explorers who returned from Mars and share with us what they saw there . "(Dpa)

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