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Measles – US authorities urgently calls on vaccinations


Washington (APA / DPA) – In connection with the increase in the number of measles cases in the United States, the CDC public health authorities the population, urgently summoned to vaccination. In particular, young children must be protected. Since the beginning of the year on Friday, 704 cases of measles were reported in 22 of the 50 US states, says Nancy Messonnier the US Food and Drug Administration CDC on Monday (local time).

A further increase is expected, perhaps, new cases have been added over the weekend. In the US, the number of measles disease is now at its highest level since the disease was announced there for the defeat in 2000.

Messonnier background recovery in the US from the beginning with the & # 39 are measles outbreaks in the State of Washington and New York. The longer the eruption continues the greater was the risk that the return of the disease in the long term in the United States. In dozens of cases of measles disease brought from other countries to the US. In most cases concern here, Ukraine, Israel and the Philippines. She complained, some religious communities in New York, has been deliberately supplied with misinformation about vaccinations, immunization coverage was particularly low, which has led to numerous diseases.

Administration experts warned insistently, measles is dangerous and highly contagious disease. Sur & # 39; serious complications can occur. But vaccines are safe and easy. measles virus can be captured through saliva droplets in the air. A few days later, a rash over the whole body covered. Approximately every tenth patient has complications, such as pneumonia or middle ear. The older Infected, the more dangerous disease with & # 39 is. Rarely as inflammation of the brain, which can lead to death.

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