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Meghan Markle: Pay attention to the child's name and sex surfaced! – Panorama


Meghan Markle: Palace gave here about baby names?

It Meghan Markle

Soon to be: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were waiting for the offspring.


  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child
  • The site of the palace the name and sex of the child may be leaking
  • In the video above: This Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child! Soon the royal scion could see the light of the world. Dorian Ragland, mother of Meghan Markle, already announced on Easter Monday in London – that is to say that the birth had gone? Now the British newspaper claims that the name and sex of the child.

In our news blog, we keep the fans Meghan Markle and the royal family & # 39; I still do.

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Meghan Markle: Will the child about …?

This is probably the secret bestbehütete Royals: The sex of the child and the name of Sussex. Now both, however, may be a leak – and is designed for the palace site. Reports of the British "Express".

Background: Each member of the royal family & # 39; and has a palace «» own base on the site. Even the youngest members of the family & # 39; and. So that even a child will get Sussex. Royal experts somewhat shopped online – and they want to find a link to the floor and the child's name. Thus, the journalists were given the names of favorite bookmaker (Arthur James Alexander) in the URL Palace Home – similar to the already negative sides are used.

And now, with all three names, the page jumped to the home screen. They gave names (also appreciates her maiden name), with a & # 39; was the error code. May indeed be that Meghan Markle with the boy, and he will be one of the three British favorite names? Soon we'll find out.

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Meghan Markle: fans worried

Recently Meghan Markle and Prince Harry share a common, own Instagram account. There they have personal pictures of Queen congratulations or need something to charity events closely. Fans can also get notifications for this account Subscribe to Instagram. Many people use this service, but I want one thing: to get as soon as possible the news that Sussex children in the world. So they are scared for a few days, if the stress message from the Insta Royal account is taken on their smartphones.

Here are a few excerpts from Instagram Comments:

  • @olauche: «My heart stopped for a second … we wait …"
  • @harry_meghan_updates: «My heart stopped."
  • @ Susyrojas86: «I thought it would be ne Kids News. Well, nevertheless, an important message. "
  • @ Isabeööeantonia_: «Who is your notice and thought that the child was born"
  • @ Thesussexes_2018: «I thought it was the baby news. My hands are now super sweaty. "

Photoshoot with Vogue?

Rumors in the UK boils. And one, the mood heats up even more: the report of the British "Mirror" By Meghan Markle must currently negotiating with «Vogue» – to the first baby pictures very exclusive show on the cover of a fashion magazine. "Mirror" also said that the queen is completely against it.

However, a spokesman for the Duchess said that the rumors were "categorically not true" and there were "no plans for a photo shoot with Vogue».

It Meghan Markle

  • Born August 4, 1981 Rachel Meghan Markle in United States
  • Her father, Thomas Markle worked as director of lighting her yoga teacher mother to Doria Ragland
  • Markle was known for his role in the legal drama "The Suits"
  • On May 19, 2018 she married British Prince Harry, and has since become the Duchess of Sussex
  • By her marriage with Prince Harry Meghan Markle was married once: producer Trevor Engelson

Come Children Sussex on Sunday?

Excitement on the island: There is a royal child is this Sunday? As the British Armed Forces wants to know Megan's birth date is Sunday. According to the newspaper, it was Prince Harry and Meghan Markle constant readiness.

Meghan, but it appears to be more than her husband. He wants to hand out medals of participants of the London Marathon, and it is still in line with the Sun Presumably, he wanted to finish, but it quickly when birth begins.

If the birth is inevitable?

Will now the suras & # 39; ozna? According to the British newspaper "Express" said ambulance under the & # 39; riding on ownership Meghan and Harry. Of course, it stirs rumors of an imminent birth.

Meghan Markle: Baby Sussex has a number of advantages compared to all other Royal Kids

A child of Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry is not even in the world (at least officially) as it already has numerous benefits and unique features that not even the other children of the royal family & # 39; and.

Including two things that he had never previously existed in the royal family & # 39; and.

On the one hand, my mother Meghan Markle African-American mother of her roots, which will also have children. So that the child Sussex will be the first African-American man on the throne of England (though it is the seventh in the line of succession is very unrealistic), at least a theoretical chance.

The second point over the origin of Meghan Markle. whether they will retain their US citizenship, is still unclear. However, Baby Sussex meets all the requirements, and US citizenship. For the child will be the first Royal Sussex, which will be given first priority.

Meghan Markle: This statistic is clearly the number one Royale

Child from Meghan Markle is not here yet, but already the hype is huge for them. This is also reflected in the statistics that Meghan Markle with & # 39 is the most wanted Royal to Google. It is now found comparison portal.

  • 1st place: Duchess Meghan! Former "Costumes" actress and wife of Prince Harry 992.530 search Popular Royal.
  • 2nd place: Duchess Kate! Triple mother and wife of Prince William covered 317.730 searching for second place.
  • 3rd place: Prince Harry! The former prince of the party and the husband of the Duchess of Meghan in Google 253.140 times.
  • 4th place: Queen Elizabeth II! Scandal Queen comes to free 176,400 Google searches per month.
  • 5th place: Prince William! For the older son of Princess Diana, who is married to Duchess Kate, we are interested in monthly 86,480 Google users.

Meghan Markle: How long it will stay on maternity leave?

Not out & # 39 is «Baby Sussex» not in the world – at least officially no. but Meghan Markle I have a thought, if they want to return to work after childbirth. As «The Sun» reports that the ex-actress says, plan to follow up again his duties as a British royal family member & # 39; and after three months.

Palace source said: «Meghan has made it clear that she wants to work again as quickly as possible. She is very energetic and determined soon again become the charity. "In the last three months, they want to return from parental leave, which are also made at the end, depending on how she feels after birth.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Put a couple is a big step?

Not only the birth of a child added Royal supporters are now on alert. Even the rumor that Megan Markle and Prince Harry could soon be living on a different continent, causing a stir in London. British report «Sun». According to the report, the Duchess and Duke of Sussex is already in negotiations to move to Africa. The idea: The couple can take up to four months of the year, who lives in Africa, work there and use the land as a starting point for further travel on the territory of the British Commonwealth. As «Sun» exclusively learned that the queen seems to have nothing against these plans.

Palace source told the tabloid portal "Harry Meghan involved very much for that plan. . Even if the motion before the next year or even take place until 2021. "Most likely, the movement does not apply to South Africa or Botswana source further indicated that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has a vision: to be the ambassador of the United Kingdom.

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Dorian Ragland sent to London

now everything goes very quickly? On Easter Monday should be taken to London mother Meghan Markle in Doria Ragland. 62-year-old is said to be further interrupted her yoga class and hired someone for their dogs. According to «Sun» is a sure sign that the birth of her granddaughter's inevitable.

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