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Nicole Kidman appears in the new film "like a man" with


They say the city Los Angeles in Noir-City, at the same time, it is very bright.

thing with Los Angeles with & # 39 is that there is always sunny – and it never stops. (Laughs) Sometimes you just want to avoid this endless sun easily. We have tried to sunlight is hard and merciless look – like in the dark noir.

You mentioned a coyote: If Christian Bale he makes for the role of "ugly", it is called an action when women do, it's called brave. How do you explain this?

I think there is a cultural discomfort when women look like normal people. We are afraid. we want Nicole Kidman always it looks beautiful – because it is a fantasy that she uses. Here, older interesting. This applies to all of us. Not only do we grow older, we also die. That's why I like to make films that remind us.

What we have to die?

Yes! (Laughs). We all need, and it is necessary to think. When we talked, the more often in the form of our life can be more interesting and exciting. I truly believe that our culture would be healthier if we talk more openly about death.

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