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Quick Kuhbauer coach: "If RBS sun glorifies"


The countdown begins!

In the "Labor Day" and SK Rapid not ignore, gently, to spit in their hands, you will finally win in the OFB Cup after 24 years.

With Bull Salzburg is waiting in the remake of 2017 again, seemingly invincible enemy – at first glance. For 2018 it managed to Sturm Graz Cup Klagenfurt miracle and rapid defeat in the final championship duel cops anyway.

The need to respect there is, however, especially coach Didi Kuhbauer not retreat even in advance. convince the enemy even more than it already is, Cup avoiding 1995 because he did not want to exaggerate the more definitive experience of residents of the city of Mozart: "Of course, they had a few more games, where the voltage was higher, but we will. to put a good game. I want now, "not glorified Salzburg, said the 48-year-old country zamokli.

"They really played a very good season, also set really incredible international season last year, and at the national level, they have this year again very, very good. Yet it is a game where everyone can go up for us and, of course, too, is our goal. we expect great resistance, it is very clear as well. nevertheless, it is what we are going to put a very good game. "

"Burn it to bring the title of Champions at last, after Hütteldorf"

High RBS ask Rapid, Kuhbauer also recognizes. However, Salzburg is a trophy was more in the shop window, the championship seems only a matter of time to be.

Fast, but much more is at stake. On the one hand, we are talking about has been debated for centuries defeat in the competition, on the other hand, to save the season. To win the Cup will be at the same time pose a direct qualification of the European Cup and the green-and-white to save a lot of stress and uncertainty of the playoff games and in the case of the cases qualifying games of the Europa League.

"Every player knows exactly what is at stake," explains the coach as he himself admitted, in a falling against Hartberg (Result 3: 4). Were told not so much "main focus" is located in Salzburg, "because the game thinks. which is much more important because now a lot is at stake. He wants now, and we need to get better performance, so we win the long-awaited title. The guys are burning just as I do, that we deliver at 16:30 great performance, "Kuhbauer enough his players after.

Therefore, the goalkeeper Richard Strbinger admits: "We all fade, we finally win the title of Champions of Hütteldorf." 26-year-old substrate prior to its first major final. Two years ago, Tobias Noflak allowed to contest in the final against Salzburg.

"Ants" before the finale

Who would Strebinger & # 39; e is a great moment. Past experience, an incredibly tough game and pitch & # 39; fan yatstva in Klagenfurt was before the recent duel at Wörthersee Stadium in the cabin theme.

"Of course, we talked about most on the team was so two years ago on this issue. Not only because it was the last, but all around with our fans. Still always triggers or again ants on when one thinks on Wednesday. you can take as a positive sense, in spite of the defeat two years ago. Therefore we are very happy. I firmly believe that we will deliver the best performance. "

Kuhbauer of 1995: "A lot of players do not even born there"

Memories are all well and good, positive feelings, as well. But do they help remains to be seen. Even a big problem if Kuhbauer circle and after his name as a player closes now with the & # 39 is a trainer to ensure success for the Rapid, with & # 39 is the principal adviser in the background.

"It's a long time and was incredibly beautiful story. I do not think I need to tear the boy impressed. It does not matter what we did a few years ago, so many players not even born there. Even more importantly, the guys now. "

Rapid Rose will not do any good

The fact that the dress rehearsals of both teams could not – have all lost at home against Hartberg, Salzburg in the WAC – does not change depending on Kuhbauer sign anything or plan for the game.

"I'm sure they do not come with the disorder, simply because they have lost in Wolfsberg team" pushes the boss educators such speculation before the bar.

no pay as extra motivation for a meeting in Salzburg, Marco got up before changing Gladbach Cup title makes no great fear of the coach, even if he lends to coach high performance RBS. "I can only say that the best thing about it is that it is as good as all the production in the last two years."

In connection with this, but he stresses – after a brief indicating that the Cup has not been withdrawn by name and thus is still lacking in his collection. This will prevent in the best case Hütteldorfer.

"We have to be smart and brave"

Rapid feels well prepared. They know each other inside and out, knows the strengths of the enemy, as well as the style of play will not change. Strebinger knows that it will be important against the reigning champions.

"We have to take the fights and I know that they come to the second ball and compression. We have proved that we can, on the other hand, the content, strong enough and can take the fights, "said the keeper, who stressed how dangerous turn in can be out of the game.

"We have to be smart and bold, but not too risky to play," know Strebinger golden mean. It is still unclear who will play for sure. The plan has a coaching staff already in the form, but not a hundred percent.

A question mark still stands for Bolingol-Mbombe that went victims of Hartberg. He is said or something is broken or torn, still Kuhbauer want to reveal any details. Foot problems there, as in the NHL, and the American professional league, he wants to show only the region, but if it's ankle, etc .. but he does not want to eliminate one hundred percent use a Belgian – that one hopes it would seem, is still in the green and white team.

Fines are trained – this is the third line

Locked nobody because Thomas Murg only saw a second yellow card against Hartberg. The risk that one or the other players may lose back to the wall nerves Kuhbauer not.

"The team is mentally prepared that this colorful and warm game." He also stressed that his team is not an undisciplined, he should not be afraid that his players do not act together.

That it can be heated, it is not surprising, because the last battle of two teams. In the final, he can also go longer – namely, if the decision will be made for an extension or fines.

"The penalty, of course, rehearsed," says Kuhbauer that he wants to leave nothing to chance. Already in the semi-final against caresses risen, and in the second round against SV Mattersburg Cup one prevailed in a penalty shootout. "I would not mind if she runs for the third time," smiles Kuhbauer.

The fact is that green and white triumph in Klagenfurt will cause a mega party – whether it's 90, 120 minutes or penalty thriller.

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