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Salzburg appoint a mortally wounded driver Ratzenberger Formula 1


Ratzenberger has more than 30 years old when in 1994 his dream of an elite class of motor sport is still in progress. in the end, he took in his only race at the 11th place in the Pacific GP at Aida in Japan to a technical defect in Italy cost him his life for breast weakest team Simtek-Ford in Salzburg.

After the break, the front wing Austrian raced nearly 300 km / h, without control option in the limit Mauser. "It was one of the worst moments in my car & # 39; EASURES, if not the worst," says professional colleague Gerhard Berger at the time.

Commemoration in Salzburg

The next day, Senna lost his life. While the Brazilian was held in his home as a deity in the grave, being involved in Ratzenberger was huge in Austria. 800 and 250 Kondolenzschrieben Grieving and television crews from abroad at the funeral of May 7, testified.

Ratzenberger had a dream, and in the pursuit of the realization of this dream, he knew the risk dropped triple world champion Niki Lauda had then firmly in his farewell speech. Ratzenberger grave in Maxglan decorated model of its red-white-red helmet and the inscription: "He lived his dream."

Safety innovations disaster

After Ratzenberger died of a skull fracture, Lauda was also directly cause the accident to try to continue to "somehow" fix the wheel of a racing driver on the shoulder. The corresponding HANS system, which protects the neck in front of the driver's spine hyperextension supported in Formula 1 since 2003.

Ratzenberger dies before the third race

Ratzenberger was considered too late, after he had won before in England fighting title «Rat». «Bergers Gage higher than our entire budget," Salzburg joking when his commitment was made as a co-pilot and for the first six races of the new team of English Simtek. After he failed to qualify to Brazil, he took eleventh place in Japan. Imola would be his third race of the season. Ratzenberger was the first death of Formula 1, as the Italians Paletti in 1982 in Canada.

Ratzenberger father Rudolf and Margaret contact after the accident strongly aims to keep the memory of her son. Also this weekend, they were obligatory memorial in Imola, 50 kilometers south-east of Bologna lay racetrack.

Ratzenberger memory of Grand Prix Museum

Ratzenberger family has a lot of personal belongings of her son to the collector. Gerhard Menzingerstraße running in Western Styria St. Paul or Lannach Grand Prix Collection, which is also in Styria guide. There you can see next to the F1 simulator clothes and models of cars pearls Nuvolari leather cap laurel wreaths and trophies Jochen Rindt or unique bronze bust of Michael Schumacher. At 100 square meters is too small for the ever-growing collection, which also includes 30 portfolios, and personal documents Ratzenberger were included and remain preserved for posterity.


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