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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G began to burn


In mid-February introduced Samsung its new smartphone Galaxy series S10 before. In addition to basic version S10 there is still a light version of the S10e, powerful version S10 + and version S10 5G for the latest mobile radio standard. It is this model currently 5G South Korea I began to burn. According to The Economic Times, the user has the image of his burned-out Galaxy S10 5G circulated on the Internet.

no damage

"My phone was on the table when he began to smell burnt and the smoke from it," users, of which only the last name Lee is known together, AFP a. "I had to let it fall to the ground, when I touched it, because it was so hot." Users Contact Samsung and demanded compensation. Smart phone manufacturers do not want to pay for the equipment is equivalent to 1,070 euros, but.

The device is not to blame for the incident, the cause of the fire was a loud Samsung Instead, the "external influence", as Softpedia News reports. Responsibility lies with the owner.

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