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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Test


Samsung Galaxy S10 convinced the test – but also showed unexpected drawbacks, such as battery power. Inherits the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus these shortcomings or formula applies here "more = better '? The test Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus we go to this issue.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in the test: Bigger, more expensive - and better

Source: GIGA – Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in the test: The first impression in the hands-on video

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S10 Plus is really great, but still compact smartphone. We managed to get a first impression of us to do, and they are recorded in the video above. Whether it was a good first impression, we tell you to test Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: an overview

The differences between the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Galaxy Plus is not as great as between the Galaxy and Galaxy S9 S9 Plus. Large and small models of the same main camera, software, hardware, and therefore differ only by a few points. Thus, Galaxy S10 Plus our test relates to the fields which constitute Galaxy S10 Plus. All other Erkentnisse coincide with the test of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus some more Handschmeichler

As Samsung Galaxy S10 with a 39 & # S10 Plus Galaxy from nearly perfect transition between different materials of the front and rear of which is held in the hand. In Germany officially only buy the version with rear ceramic. There are also only black and white colors to choose from. We got a version in white, the color of light is more to "Cream". But this approach is a little copper-colored frame. You can see that this premium product.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in Pictures: So beautiful look.

Therefore, the ceramic to be more stable than in the glass, which is supplied with the Galaxy S10 used, but it also weighs more. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is not an easy smartphone. It boils down to 198 grams. Products are not available in the German version of the rear window weighs only 177 grams.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus only with a lot of built-in memory

At a price of 1249 euros you get Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in Germany and not only of a different material, but also with a magnificent 512 GB of internal memory and 8 GB of RAM. An additional version with 1TB of internal memory and 12 GB of RAM. Samsung tried to clients is a decision that should not take the company to its customers. Those who want to rebel, Galaxy gets S10 Plus a rear window and a 128 GB built-in memory in the EU region. In our opinion, it could even be with us all versions have to offer. Plus model with the rear window, because there is still in the green version – is kept from us.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with a large display and a wide-bore chamber

Of course, you buy a Galaxy S10 Plus, which receives a large display. In direct comparison it is surprising that the screen is Super AMOLED with a & # 39; is slightly warmer than less, Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 9. You can re-establish something in the settings to fix it. But noticed it only because we have compared all three devices. In normal use, that you can hardly see.

The screen has a diagonal of 6.4 inches dissolved in 3,040 x 1,440 pixels, and an aspect ratio of 19: .- Presentation without knots, the brightness is very high. Although S10 has only the small opening from one chamber to the chamber in the model plus dual camera installed, it falls correspondingly greater. Even after a period of daily use I'm in this huge hole can not get used, it looks almost like a giant pixels. The hole is too large, the eye wanders over and over again in this direction.

At least in the initial screen may cover a large hole chambers with the promise of background images. Once you are in addition to, or play, or even pull down the bright messages hole falls directly. Definitely addictive.

Dual chamber at the front basically does exactly the same pictures as one of the anterior chamber S10 Galaxy. A second sensor for measuring the depth only in portrait seom. If one of the benefits depends on how you like you Selo with artificial blurring and needs. Even without this secondary regular Selh S10 chamber can compete with artificial blurring – but the effect is calculated entirely in software and therefore not qualitatively the same level. In addition, we found no difference in image quality and take our test camera for Galaxy S10, in which we look at the new triple camera in detail:

Samsung Galaxy S10 in camera review: Step in the right direction.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and battery life

One of the most important issues for the Galaxy S10 Plus, if it takes longer, in spite of the large display, thanks to a generous battery life than the Galaxy S10. The short answer is yes! 700 mAh larger 4,100 mAh comprehensive battery delivers significantly improved transit time – especially if you exclude always on display. While I was only a display for a maximum of 4.5 hours for the Galaxy S10, up to 6 hours Display-time with the Plus model. In order to unwind during the day and still has large reserves for an evening out or a long night.

All other items, such as software, call quality and special features, which you can see in the test with the Samsung Galaxy S10. In this regard, we have been able to detect any difference between smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in the test: Conclusion

more precisely it is better in the fall. This applies not only to the large display of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, but primarily from the battery. To the rear is a ceramic and a dual camera on the front, two flagship smartphones from Samsung are no different. We can not understand the pricing. Instead of just offering all versions and get customers, the smartphone is best suited for one, the Samsung is trying to regulate the market in Germany and take care of their customers. This should not be. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus a & # 39 is the best smartphone, simply because there are no problems during the day, and all can not be as good as the Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Test Score

  • Processing, feel and design: 5/5
  • Display: 5.5
  • Camera: 5/5
  • Software: 4.5
  • Performance: 5/5
  • Phones and Audio: 4.5
  • Connectivity and storage: 5.5
  • Battery and everyday life: 4/5

Total: 93%

What we liked the Samsung Galaxy S10

  • Design: tactile, and in terms of build quality is nothing to complain about
  • Display: Large color fast, easy – as used Samsung currently top display
  • Performance: more than enough performance in the coming years
  • Audio: sound stereo speakers super
  • Triple Camera: Many options for all situations
  • Battery life: Much better than the usual S10

We thought that this is not so great on the Samsung Galaxy S10

  • the fingerprint sensor on the display does not always work
  • The power button is too high
  • Hole Dual Cameras to the front every day obstacles

On the next page: Galaxy S10 Plus specification compared to the S10 and S10e and better alternatives.

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