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SEGA Mega Drive Mini announced


After a short service Twitter SEGA messages may report that 09.19.2019 with the SEGA Mega Drive Mini now also with & # 39 will be the official miniature version of its 16-bit classic from the late '80s. The only drawback so far: At the present time, release date applies only to Japan and North America.

Given the great success of the mini-consoles from other manufacturers – from more than dubious remake of the PlayStation last year, except for once – it was only a matter of time when it is the SEGA, in turn expand the market for convenient reminder of his iconic home console, in FES 2018 SEGA announced a project for the first time, and is now available from 19 September this year, the publication date, at least in Japan and North America, firmly.

Someday SEGA Mega Drive (Japan) with the & # 39; was – in North America, known as the SEGA Genesis – one thousand nine hundred eighty-eight (in Europe, we had to wait another two years), which allows a variety of arcade games to enjoy on your home tube TV. More or less time for the 30th anniversary of the 16-bit console, so with k # 39 is now included HDMI SEGA Mega Drive Mini. With a width of 154 mm, height of 39 mm and a depth of 116 mm SEGA promises nostalgia palm. Japanese site SEGA included respectively classic controller, in a known arrangement, a three-button and cable length of about two meters, are included as well as USB power cable * (Standard A) – is required to enter USB power adapter is included – but also HDMI cable that allows the image output with the resolution to 720p. In addition, there will also be a bundle with two controllers. While SEGA is estimated (about 56 EUR) for the packet to the controller 6980 yen, the price of 8980 yen (about 72 euros) for the console with two controllers.

They are joined by 40 pre-installed games – like SEGA originals, as well as the name of a third party – it was announced that currently ten; remains to be seen whether the corrected again a selection of games for Europe:

  • Altered Beast (SEGA)
  • Castlevania: The New Generation (Konami)
  • Comix Zone (SEGA)
  • Dr. Mean Bean Machine Robotnik (in SEGA)
  • Ecco Dolphin (SEGA)
  • Gunstar characters (SEGA)
  • Shining Force (SEGA)
  • Sonic Hedgehog (SEGA)
  • Space Harrier II (SEGA)
  • Toe Jam and Earl (SEGA)

SEGA Mega Drive Mini in review

product nameMega Drive Mini
Date of launchSeptember 19, 2019 (Japan, North America)
includedMega Drive Mini
1 or the controller 2 (3-button layout)
Cable 1 HDMI ™
1 USB cable *
printed material
Copyright Notice© SEGA. All rights reserved.
Design and specifications may be changed without notice.


product nameMega Drive Mini
video output720p, 480p
audio outputYield Linear PCM
Input / OutputHDMI ™ output
USB port (Micro-B)
power supplyDC 5V / 1.0A
maximum capacity5 W
external dimensionsapproximately 154 x 39 x 116 mm (width x depth x height) (except for the controller)

* To start a USB device requires a power supply. It is not included in the price. In the matter of commercial & # 39; it is a manufacturer of USB adapter compatible output (Type A: 5V / 1.0A / 5W).

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