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Since its luxury rehabilitation clinic


Recovery. Birdsong at Lake Lucerne, luxurious rooms with the best materials and a spa, which has no equal: The Cereneo clinic Austrian millionaire Peter Pühringer with & # 39 is the perfect place for rehabilitation. Especially in the case of Niki Lauda (70), which is currently only recognized as Austria only there for seven months after his transplant easily checks for recreation. It is the smallest hospital in the canton of Lucerne in Vittsnau and the perfect retreat. With just 16 beds and 28 employees are guaranteed confidentiality.

Swiss health resort seems to make them good racing legend. The muscle is progressing well, and leading it is already possible to take the first steps without crutches. "I was on the phone last week with by Niki, his voice sounded again very tight," said his companion, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff in Austria speak.

Luxury. The clinic has two lakes, restaurants, a spa center with sauna, indoor pool and high-tech all the patient needs Lauda now as then. Cereneo residence in the heart of the way costs about 2,000 euros per night. But you get even a day, four to eight hours of private procedures.

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