So Foda wants to play against Bosnia


The Austrian national football team has yet to recognize a home defeat against the Balkan country before the National League match on Thursday (20.45 / live ORF one) at Vienna's Happel Stadium against Bosnia-Herzegovina. In the two previous duels with Bosnians in front of their own audience, there were victories and draws.

The overall balance is a victory, two draws, a defeat and a goal difference of 4: 3. The World Cup qualification on September 5, 2001 ended at Prater with a score of 2-0 for the ÖFB team, another trial match on March 31, 2015 at the Happel Stadium. 1. The last duel with Edin Dzeko and Co. took Austria on September 11 this year in Zenica with a 0-1 defeat.

Before the match, team boss Franco Foda and captain Julian Baumgartlinger once again raised questions from the press. The ÖFB team needs a win against Dzeko & Co to get a chance to rise in the League of Nations. Excitement happened around Marcel Sabitzer, who again had to cancel the team due to injury.

Foda revealed that he would align his team clearly offensively based on the starting position. Allerdigns is a balance between essential offensive and defensive. The offensive department in the current squad of the Austrian national football team is not really fake in terms of scoring goals. While most acted on wing Marko Arnautovic after all holding on 20 ÖFB goals, it provided center-forward Guido Burgstaller and Michael Gregoritsch together at 32 international on just two goals.

After the loss of injury-related Sebastian Prödl Aleksandar Dragovic may be set again. The central defender must be busy on Thursday to keep Edin Dzeko in check. The Bosnian star proved his quality, among others, two months ago at Zenica when he shot his team for a 1-0 win over Austria. "He is a world-class striker, you cannot take his eyes off him, if he gets a chance, he will do it 90 percent," Dragovic warned.

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Dzeko & Arnautovic

Foda: Both of them leave after the match is not a problem for me. Tomorrow, however, I hope they will do it after we win.

Discussion about the captain

Baumgartlinger: The recent discussion is excessive. We are a team board, each of us can interpret the role a little differently, but excitement should not happen. Marko gave the correct answer with a goal against Northern Ireland.

Support the fans

Baumgartlinger: Very pleasant full stadium. I look forward to this game, of course there will be many Bosnian fans, but this will be a great match.

Can someone recommend themselves in training?

Foda: As a coach, you have ideas about how to play. Of course we look at the players carefully, we also fail, so we have to adapt. Only a short time, we worked mainly in the tactical field. We want to attack, we want to score. But we must also have good protection. We must be good at counterpressing. That's important for tomorrow's match.

League of Nations

Baumgartlinger: It feels different from friendship. But we must also be familiar with the process and weighting. The introduction was not optimal, it was important to pull back a narrow victory against Northern Ireland. Tomorrow we know where we are in the League of Nations.

Captain back

How important is Baumgartlinger's return? Foda: Very important, everyone respects him, he is a responsible leader in the field, along with David (Alaba), Marko (Arnautovic) and Basti (Prödl).

Inefficient against Bosnia

Foda: In the first leg we were not good enough in front of the goal. We have speed, we have quality, we have to take it to the field tomorrow.

Many scenarios

Because the League of Nations rules are relatively complicated, it can come to computer games. Theoretically, the second place is enough. Is ÖFB related to all scenarios? Foda: No, not really. Our goal is clear. We want to win tomorrow.

First printing phase

Isn't this the first time there is pressure for the team boss? In the worst case, the OFB team can also enter third place in the League of Nations. Foda: We always get pressure, the situation is known as a coach, it's not new. The important thing is: we have it in our own hands. We have to win against Bosnia and end the match against Northern Ireland. The players are very focused on training and now tomorrow to put this on the field.

Baumgartlinger returned again

Baumgartlinger: I am very happy to be back with the team. Unfortunately I missed the last course. We are ready for tomorrow, it is important to be efficient and take advantage of opportunities.

initial situation

Foda: For Bosnia, a draw is enough. We have to win. But I am very positive about my team's performance so far. The defeat in Bosnia is very close. We can win the match too. This will be tight this time, little things will decide, it will be important what we do with the ball and whether we find a solution to the attack.

Short preparation

In just three days there was a "short but fresh" preparation. Foda sees his team ready for tomorrow.

The press conference starts

Team head Franco Foda and captain Julian Baumgartlinger have taken their seats.

Bosnia as a strong opponent

Since Prosinecki took office earlier this year, Bosnia's record has won five times – including the previous three League Nations matches -, four goalless draws and one defeat. It broke in February at 0: 1 in Mexico for the Bosnian B team. "We have a series that gives us a good atmosphere on the team," Prosinecki said. Another important thing is that the kicker is very important for their club. "95 percent of them are regular players at their club, that really helps us."

Bosnians are optimistic

Bosnian football team boss Robert Prosinecki is confident ahead of the League of Nations match on Thursday in Vienna's Happel Stadium against Austria. His team's recent strong performances and public support are expected to allow Croat's 49-year hopes to fix the group's victory. In addition, Edin Dzeko and Co. against the OFB team to score points or defeat on goal difference in at least one goal. "The players will do their best and we can expect good results," promised Prosinecki.

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