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Solarium, capsules or better in fresh ones

It was the year (again): We worked from dark to dark, feeling weak and not getting up in the morning. And at the latest in the first cold we remember: We must pay attention to our vitamin D household, because deficiency has many health effects on the body, especially in the immune system. But sun vitamins are also important for bone, cell growth and a good mood. Always here with him! But how?

Our body can only produce vitamin D. However, in insufficient amounts. Vitamin D is mainly produced under the influence of UV light with the help of cholesterol in the skin. But also foods such as fish, liver, eggs, mushrooms and even dark chocolate can contain vitamin D. Of course, vitamin D supplements are also a possible solution. But does it also bring something to go to the solarium? And how many hours are needed outside to avoid taking vitamin D capsules? We have with a dermatologist Dr. Sebastian Reischle speaks:

Vitamin D: Hormones?

Vitamin D is actually a hormone because it secretes its effects in the nucleus. The term vitamin has historically chosen a little out of focus, but has been naturalized as such. This is a powerful and highly anticancer energy modulator if the supply is correct. It modulates many medical conditions and can do more than osteoporosis support.

Can you also take vitamin D in the solarium?

One can try to achieve metabolic conversion into active vitamin D (1,25 cholecalciferol) by UV light from the solarium. Because the dosage is needed, however, it will greatly damage the aging of the skin which might cancel the benefits.

Can vitamin D be taken without vitamin K2?

You can take vitamins D and K2 separately. This is often taken together, because both substances show excessive effects on osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis. However, there is also vitamin D deficiency that does not require K2 and has nothing to do with osteoporosis.

Vitamin D intake

How much time do you have to spend outside to avoid taking vitamin D capsules?

The basic rule is that in mid-summer Europe at lunch, you have to expose the skin to the sun for two to three hours to produce enough active vitamin D, your mind, for one day. At this time of year you might not even be able to produce 5 percent of the amount needed.

What is the best way to consume vitamin D outdoors?

Vitamin D is not absorbed by light and the sun is in the open air, but by the intestine. This is then processed first in the kidney and then again on the skin and so on vitamin D. Because currently mass hysteria is triggered in terms of a healthy approach to the sun, it can be assumed that when applying sunblocker the synthesis of vitamin D almost completely gives up. Furthermore, we have observed in Central Europe, endemic vitamin D deficiency, which may be caused by intestinal receptor polymorphisms. To break through, a partial daily dose of 20,000 IU and more is needed. Unfortunately, the sun also doesn't help.

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