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Son (21) killed his mother


This year, already 10 kills wife

Following the murder of the highway in Austria in Carinthia Ebenthal young he killed his mother.

Carinthia. 21-year-old Alex P. suddenly struck on Saturday near Klagenfurt-Land in the middle of the night his mother on the night. Saturday morning's son warned (presumption of innocence), even the police. Where he initially claimed that he found the 52-year-old still in bed.

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But officials found suspicious injuries Karin P., who clearly spoke in favor of external action, also were everywhere traces of blood in the bedroom, the kitchen and the hall. In-depth interviews of experienced detectives, the young man confessed to the crime.

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Hard hitting. Carinthia admitted that he abused his mother with his fists and beat her twice a wooden chair back of the head as she tried to run away from it. After the beating, the victim was lying motionless on the ground, he pulled her into bed, to pretend there is a natural death, and then called the rescue hours later.

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With a wooden stool he hit his mother.

The researchers suggested that the first blows with a wooden stool were fatal. The prosecution has ordered an autopsy. Neighbors report that there have always been problems with the 21-year-old. He must be very often n & # 39; they (as well as the victims), and get a lot of evictions.

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Young Spengler Alex P. is said to have killed his mother.

Bloodlust: For the murder of 10-year wife

  • January 8. 37-year-old Islamist Senol D. (37) killed in Amstetten (Austria), his wife (40) in front of their three children. (For all the cases mentioned here should be considered innocent.)

  • on 9 January. 42-year-old Roland H. circle in Krumbach (Lower Austria), his ex-wife Sylvia K. (50) after an argument.

  • on 13 January. Manuela K. (16) was found dead in the park Wodica in Wiener Neustadt (Austria). The girl was strangled by her ex-boyfriend, 19-year-old Syrian Yazan A ..

  • on 15 January. The Vienna central station Eyob E. (21) stabbed his own sister Eyerus (25).

  • 21 January. Macedonians Xhemajl M. (36) meets his wife (32) for discussion at a supermarket parking lot in Tulln (Lower Austria) and pierces her there with a 20-centimeter knife.

  • on 25 January. In Ebergassing (Lower Austria), the pensioner Hedwig Sch. (64) found dead. to 39 & # is suspected Tamara B. (44).

  • February 6, Margaret M. (39) was stabbed to death by her boyfriend (31). After that, the suspect lived in for a few days next to the body in the apartment of 39-year-olds.

  • 12 February. Violet J. (48) has on the outside in Meidling (Vienna) at its former boyfriend Zelko B. (52) shot from a gun. Executive Director sent you.

  • on 23 March. Marcus H. (28) strikes at Grafenbach-St. Valentin (Lower Austria), his grandmother Maria P. (75).

  • Thirtieth. A 52-year-old was killed in Ebenthal (Carinthia) from his son.

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