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Spit on me, but I think Fallout 76 is cool

Fallout 76 has been officially released since November 14, but has been criticized since its announcement. Many negative reviews. Our writer Benedict really can't understand that.

Where did the hatred come from? Bethesda announced Fallout for the first time, Fallout 76, which will be a multiplayer game. Fallout 76 is about survivors of Vault 76 and all human characters are controlled by players.

Many critics have disturbed the community before release:

The bad atmosphere has rocked until the release and culminated in a recent disaster score on Metacritic and other platforms. According to the players, hopes are raised that Fallout 76 will be a great experience for singleplayer fans.

But I see it differently and I like Fallout 76.

the fall of 76 screen displays

The game that I finally want to play again

Since the first day of Beta for PC, I played Fallout 76. I had to spend hours in settings and saw a few bugs, but I didn't regret playing.

Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I like Fallout 76.

I also enjoyed my previous fall. Dystopian settings are always cool and Fallout handles them and almost no other game series. That's why I will deal with Fallout 76, so I realized the announcement at E3.

Just before the server was closed for the first time after beta, I realized I wanted to continue playing. Fallout 76 makes me tied up pretty fast.

fall of 76 tb

What makes Fallout so valuable to play?

This is truly a "real fall": After creating characters, the game at Vault 76 starts with an introduction to how Fallout actually works. There are first basic features and smart comments from Mr. cellphone which is still floating in the vault.

The first search came quite early. The guards' notes ask him to follow in his footsteps and find out what happened to him. The whole story goes so far through more than 20 hours of my playing time and continues to branch out.

I can barely get to the main story

Every time I am on my way to the next checkpoint, I find an interesting place that I want to explore first and where there is more to do.

The same "problem" that I experienced in every previous fall. I can't do what I want to do. But it's not bad, after all, I want to find the world and play games, not following one story.

Display Fallout 76 in the armor pwoer screenshot

This world is fantastic

Fallout 76 offers many places to lose yourself. Many have complained about graphics, but I found the level of detail hidden in the extraordinary world.

This starts with the fact that many opponents are "opponents of the classic fall" like super mutants and death claws. But there are also monsters, which are transferred directly from West Virginia legends and myths into the game.

Some of these legend monsters have even found some legends that I have found in part, even in the game itself. For Mothman, with whom the players have taken selfies, there is a whole museum.

Apart from that, the spirit of discovery was appreciated. I've found a number of places that aren't just "on the road". One gave me an award with an amazing view of West Virginia. Another shows a space experiment from two bears embraced with luxury.

Fallout 76 luxury space program

Tinkering is fun

More than any other fall before, Fallout 76 has a construction and crafting system that is very relevant to the game. Each player can build their own camp almost anywhere and even move it.

Campgrounds can be wild objects or small houses planned and made by players. For groups, there are workshops that can be taken and expanded and that provide more resources, sometimes even hard to find, rare materials.

In some craft stations, all kinds of items can be made from the materials collected. There are stations for:

  • weapon
  • steel
  • Chems
  • Ammunition and explosives
  • Power Armor
  • food

Adding mods to armor and weapons and adjusting them to my playing style requires a lot of my playing time. I like tinkering and trying to equip my weapons to be ideal for me.


Group and Solo – both have no problems

I mostly play Fallout 76 alone. So I can take the time to explore everything I find. I listen to Holo tapes or read terminals for more stories.

However, I have a few friends who play less and what I can help. If they have a problem, I will stop by and help with the search or provide them with my old armor, which they see as an improvement.

But also group games are interesting. In groups, you get more experience and it's obviously easier to accept opponents who are tougher than alone. But I would not say that it means "group or solo". Fallout 76 only offers content for both.

Fallout 76 people entered the title Vault 2

Is there a negative?

Despite all the praise of Fallout 76 it's not "the best game ever." It's in beta, there are some bugs that sometimes cause serious errors. Technical problems such as takedowns that don't allow it don't make it better. Especially annoying are features that don't seem to be fully thought out.

PvP "just there": Before PvP, many players were "scared" at first. They fear that the Griefer will ruin their game. But Bethesda has introduced extra mechanics to prevent sadness in Fallout 76. In general, PvP generally has no reason to panic, because it has little impact.

I have had two PvP experiences so far:

  • The first time I hunted players with bounties, which might bother many players. However, so many players debated his bounty that he was dropped by several players after a short time.
  • My second meeting with a higher level was sought. I want to pocket His gift. But because we both had good equipment, after about 400 rounds of ammunition and 10 stacks, we both nodded kindly and said goodbye. Killing is not possible.

This type of PvP is not a real part of the world. That is too rare and has no real reason to exist. He wants to be outside or vice versa solved.

fall of 76 pvp bounty

Too few settings: Especially disturbing the settings lost in the game. The PC does not have important graphic options such as the field of view, depth, or options for Ultrawide monitors.

PC players have quite a number of disadvantages in the quality of the game and sometimes problems with nausea and motion sickness. Settings can only be adjusted by changing the .ini file, but this can cause a penalty in the Bethesda section.

All this is unfortunate unfortunate, but can be corrected after criticism in the future. Finally, Fallout 76 will work for a while. It's also more than "handicapped."

the fall of 76 world meditation events

Looks good, but can handle a few more options.

I don't understand negative sounds

As someone who has been immersed in the game for several hours, I cannot understand where the hatred came from. Fallout 76 is rock solid, fun and captivates me like no previous game.

Legal criticism vs. baseless hatred: I understand critics who say that the negative points are very upset and they want to wait until everything is resolved. After all, Fallout 76 is a full price game and you are welcome to set a higher standard.

But what I don't like is the statement, lack of endgame content, long-term motivation and lack of NPCs. Especially the problem with the NPC seems to be the reason for baseless hatred.

I asked some fans who put forward this argument, if they could name the NPC from the name of their predecessor. There are only a few answers. The history in the previous section is only a large part of holotapes and terminals.

In addition, only NPC humans were lost in Fallout 76. Robots are still in the area that distributes quests. And considering Allistair Tenpenny from Fallout 3, one of the few people to remember, many robots are more human than some …

Fallout 76 Raider Bot Rose

With "Rose" you will spend time.

The endgame is big: That people were afraid before the game was released, they did nothing in the end, I found it difficult to understand. The players who often first lit the first atomic bomb. But that only gives insight into what can come.

Who really came to the "endgame" of Fallout 76, can make all content through nuclear missiles more difficult. Heavyweight tops, which require constant fighting, always provide better loot.

It sounds like Grind, but to get there, many stories must be played. And only Fallout 76 incidental content that has made 150 hours of play. I don't know who this "not enough end game" can be.

76 nuke fall

I like Fallout 76 and stay like that

Many players have meaningful criticism of Fallout 76. Also, I find here and there smaller bugs or annoying errors like crashes that make me harden with my teeth. But I live with these petty crimes.

I like playing Fallout 76 in between for small events. When I have time, I begin a search to explore more of the world. Apart from the small deficiencies in control, nothing bothered me more often. Instead, I enjoy finding places where I can really enjoy the game, see the environment, or test new weapons.

If all that is not enough, he must spit me out for my opinion.

what do you think? Do you think I am or is Fallout 76 not good? Write comments or discuss in our fall group. On Facebook you will find more special news and hot news about Fallout 76.

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