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Strasswalchen: State auditors should examine the market town – Salzburg24



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LRH found shortcomings in Strasswalchen.

In reviewing the available funds for the mayor and his deputies in the market town of Strasswalchen (Flachgau) in the years 2016 to mid-December 2018 found the state audit (LRH) the major shortcomings.

According to a press release, on Monday after the deficiencies were noted:

  • The amounts paid by the decision of the municipal council of available cash resources have been exceeded every year.
  • In part, there was no decision of the municipal council of the available resources.
  • Record settlement of the available funds have been different.
  • Certificate of expenditure has been presented for the most part only on the evidence from which the recipient uses, and did not raise costs.

He called for greater accountability in Strasswalchen

The behavior of the actors allow us to conclude that "low sense of responsibility," according to a press release. LRH had expected a much higher sense of responsibility of the people involved. Note that all the parties to act "in good conscience" or "in good faith" does not legitimize the unlawful conduct.

Mayor requires leadership

LRH in favor of expanding the regulatory body to monitor human resources in this area properly. Since the tax money that complete documentation of expenses should be a high priority to support for public office. Operating manual and documentation of cash will be developed.

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