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"Supporting Actor for All": Johann Adam Oest dead


Vienna – Actor Johann Adam Oest, since 1986, with a short break, a member of the Burgtheater ensemble, has died at the age of 72 years. A native of Germany, who was appointed to the 70th anniversary of Kammerschauspieler, worked in his car & # 39; sphere in Vienna with 68 productions and became a charismatic actor of the second plan.

Born June 24, 1946 in Babenhausen (Hessen), Oest played after his acting work in Hamburg was originally in theaters in Karlsruhe, Recklinghausen, Ettlingen, Zurich Theater I Neumarkt, Crickets Theater in Essen and in the Schauspielhaus Bochum before he Claus Peymann came to Burgtheater, in 2002, where he worked until last year, with the exception of the 2000s, during his break he played, amongst others (together with Robert Hunger-Bühler) Mephisto mammoth Peter Stein's "Faust", Prime Minister & # 39; that EPA held at the exhibition in Hanover and was also featured in the Vienna of 2001 also t second, he was seen again at the Salzburg Festivals.

Two Nestroy Awards for Best Supporting Actor

Burgtheater, where he played in 68 performances, universal artist worked with distinctive bushy eyebrows, among others, Manfred Karge, Claus Peymann, Turrini, Peter Palic, Paulus Manker, Michael Gruber, Thomas Langhoff, Andrea Brett, Barbara Frey, Matthias Hartmann, Roland Schimmelpfennig Michael Thalheimer, Alvis Hermanis, Herbert Fritsch and Christian Stückl.

Twice he was awarded for his subtle, mysterious role Nestroy prize structures for Best Actor in 2004 for his pharisaical TV journalist Ross, "Sylvia Goat or Who" Edward Albee is a terrible intimate confession to his friend, and 2010 for a variety of roles in the "Golden Dragon" Roland Schimmelpfennig. At the ceremony he received from Regina Fritsch magnificent eulogy ( "If he was a mountain, it will be the Himalayas. When he was a Hollywood actor, he was Jack Nicholson. If he was a singer, he was Enrico Caruso. If it were a country, it would be he Atlantis … "), and a short speech, thanked the company:" I thank my voters I want to be an actor of the second plan for everyone. ".

In recent years, Oest worked brooding Prospero in "Storm" version is reduced to three members (1988, he played in the production of his brother Peyman in Prosper Antonio), as the simple-minded headmaster in "The Inspector General" by Gogol and Dr. see Purgon in Molière's "The Imaginary Invalid "Dottore Lombardi and" Servant of two masters "Goldoni. His most recent role was in the Burgtheater paper and Weber / Pain in the "Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare, directed by Leander Haussmann and the Emperor Franz Joseph in the "Radetzky March" by Joseph Roth (Director: Johan Simons).

Many movies and television roles

Attached to the Kainz medal of the city of Vienna (1992-93) and TBA Award Hesse (2005) were jointly awarded the Astrid Thomessen also the owner of the actors: Your run Hertl.Architekten wood and concrete house in Diex on the southern slopes of Carinthia Saualpe Carinthia received Landesbaupreis 2015 . panegyric about the appointment Kammerschauspieler in 2016 spent Leander Haussmann. Oest addressed with his movies "Herr Lehmann" (2002), "Robert Zimmerman entangled in Love" (2007) and "Hotel Lux" (2010). In his speech, the director said: "I am delighted that this award not only meets a wonderful actor, but also a good man."

Even with Oskar Roehler ( "Jud Suess – film without conscience"), Philip Stolzl ( "Goethe"), Michael Riebel ( "Planet of the Ottakring") or more recently Virgil Uidrich ( "Night of a Thousand Hours") turned actor, who also had to have a long list of television credits.

Burgtheater director Karin Bergmann paid tribute to the actor, who died on Tuesday after a long illness, personal desire, "Johann Adam Oest could play, and everyone wanted to play with him. He was a respected critic, tiefdenkendste humorist of the house, always with great integrity, beloved by all. He was terribly lacking. " (OD)

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