The crown is “just a few mutations” away from an option that can bypass vaccination protection

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The more people infected with the coronavirus, the greater the chances of mutations in the coronavirus. The U.S. CDC is now warning of mutants that could bypass vaccination protection.

Atlanta / Frankfurt-Since the advent of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus in late 2019, mutations have created several crown variants that have spread and largely replaced the original type. So far, existing vaccines have been effective against these options. But that could change quickly, warns the U.S. Centers for Disease Control CDC.

“Vaccines work very well and protect us from serious illness and death,” CDC Director Rochelle Valensky told a news conference on Tuesday (July 27, 2021). However, of great concern is “that the next option that will appear could bypass our vaccinations,” says Valensky, who adds: “It could be just a few mutations.”

The Crown Delta variant is growing – the CDC warns of dangerous mutants

Currently, the number of coronavirus cases is increasing worldwide, and the virus is particularly prevalent among unvaccinated people. In the US, the seven-day cost of new coronavirus infections has increased fivefold per month, and Delta is also moving forward in Europe. The delta option is considered very portable; according to the World Health Organization (WHO), it leads to more severe disease and a higher risk of hospitalization.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warns of new crown options

According to the CDC, people who have been infected with the delta variant of the coronavirus carry a higher viral load – regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not. This can cause vaccinated people to be able to transmit the virus. This is a problem: the more people carry the virus, the more likely it is to mutate – so new variants of the coronavirus may appear. “Some of them may be jackpots that are even more suitable than Delta,” said Business Insider Andrew Reed, who develops evolutionary diseases.

option Known since then
Alpha version (B.1.1.7) Opened in the UK in September 2020
Beta (B.1.351) Opened in South Africa in May 2020
Range (C.1) Opened in Brazil in November 2020
Delta (B.1.617.2) Opened in India in October 2020

New crown options may compromise protection against vaccination – “escape options”

One fear is that the Delta option will mutate and then spread even better – Read talks about the “Delta Plus” option. However, it is also possible that mutations in the Delta and Alpha variants will merge – then an even more dangerous variant of the Crown may emerge. It is also possible that mutations in the future will affect the spike protein with which the coronavirus enters human cells, and which is the point of attack for existing vaccines and antibodies to the crown. When the protein changes, vaccines and antibodies may no longer work properly because the coronavirus is no longer recognized. Experts call such options “escape options” because they avoid the human immune system and its mechanisms.

A terrible scenario, which, according to experts, is not so far-fetched. Business Insider quotes microbiology professor Ravindra Gupta: “Escape from vaccine avoidance options – we don’t necessarily have to go that far” (Tanya Banner)

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