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The woman feels no pain and no fear – Health


What sounds of pain in patients, like a dream, reality Scottish 71-year-old did not feel any pain. In addition, injuries heal very quickly with it. Scarring is unlikely to be formed.

This study found out at University College London, in collaboration with the University of Oxford. The researchers found that the mutation & # 39 is the cause of a & # 39; waking.

71-year-old said with injuries not often felt. They are, for example, once burned and noticed only because of the smell.

Observed specificity in hip surgery. After the woman had no complaints that doctors have made more suspicious because of their age. In the next study, the doctors finally found two genetic mutations.

whether there is an alarm

Far from the best healing process and insensitivity to pain, the woman even more features: You said you never panic in dangerous situations.

New data may revolutionize the treatment of patients with pain in the future.

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Diagnostic Pain Patient: Should I take it?

What causes the pain?

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