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Westfalen-Blatt: WESTPHALIA LETTER (Bielefeld) for electric charging stations | 31/3/19


Bielefeld (OTS) – Desirably, before administration
new technology, known risks and side effects and
corrected, if possible. This may electric car there is no mention
be – as with other technologies used to be. problematic
mainly the production and disposal of batteries. degradation
cobalt in the Congo is under slave-like conditions
instead, partly under the child labor. In addition to this with a & # 39 is slow
Developing a network for alternative sources of energy – without electric cars, but not
can drive environmentally friendly. Customers feel the electric car also because
price, non-optimal range and lack of charging stations
nearby. According to the federal Minister of Transport, Andreas Scheuer this
Problem As well, it sets an example. but it is
alternative. The government should also contribute to the protection of their
Global climate is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. At the same time calls
German auto industry. Taking into account more quickly
Demand for electric cars in countries such as China, Norway and
Britain would be another postponement fatal.

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