Petronas Primax 95 Pro-Drive launched

[ad_1] Petronas Dagangan unveiled its new Petronas PRIMAX 95 Pro-Drive, which is available on all of its sites as of today. Company states that a new petrol formula which remains Euro 2M fuel rating, promises a smooth drive, improved engine response and increase fuel efficiency. At some point in the future, it RON 97 and … Read more

Swimming coach rejects a job in Malaysia with reference to a ban on Israeli athletes

[ad_1] Bartlomiej Kizierowski says he is not going to accept the offer to train Malaysian swimmer because of his concern about the ban on Israeli athletes. Kuala Lumpur: Former Polish national swimmer Bartlomiej Kizierowski decreased Malaysian proposal for the preparation of swimmers, citing his disagreement with the government's failure to resolve the Israeli athletes to … Read more

Diana and Charles's marriage came to an end

[ad_1] The history of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's messy marriage and divorce with the & # 39 is a good one just said, but in the early nineties, the pair is still trying to keep them destroying the marriage together. It was not until 1992 royal tour of South Korea, that all fell apart. … Read more