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100-megapixel mobile camera – to promote a message


Science and Technology News Smartphone camera is getting better every day. Now, more controversial megapixel camera. camera smartphone, on the one hand, as a leading company Apple ,, Samsung, Google delayed megapiksele 1; On the other hand, some companies going forward daily.

From 0 to 1, 0 to 48 MP. Who has recently been announced that a smartphone camera 100 megapixel. The problem is getting done. The question is, however, a 100-megapixel camera smartphone really possible?

From the outset, the continuous development of smart phones. The structure, a structure with 39 & # smartphone is ideal at the present time. The major changes in the existing structure of the smartphone seems almost impossible. So now, in any case, the development of smart phones to keep this framework to think about. Better chamber braked structural smartphone thickness.

So, to 1-megapixel camera phone, to see what is behind the hill camera. Thus, the idea is that it will create a 100-megapixel camera, which will be a huge bump and bastabatabibarjita tasteless.

What lies around 100 megapixels? 100-megapixel camera smartphone will be possible only when the sensor pixels can be short. This technology is 39 & # bainim pixels. This technique uses a sensor has pixel camera uses a large number of small pixels. If you want to create a 100-megapixel camera, which will bring it to the 0,3 or 0,4 maikrane saijake pixels.

In fact, Apple uses the camera sensor, Samsung and the Google, the pixel size of 1.4 microns. That is, on paper bainim technology pixels 100-megapixel camera, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S, Google pixel or whether it can compete with ten 1-megapixel seen.

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