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800 people, including 300 seats the party nomination letter: -708526 | KalerKantho

Eleventh parliamentary election have yet to complete the appointment. Highlight a letter in two days with 300, but will have to wait to find out who will be the candidates for a few days more.

character distribution in favor of the candidate, the party will officially nominate candidates in the letter. It may be extended by 9-10 days.

According to party sources, the united front is still being discussed with the allocation of seats. Or & # 39 is the time for him. Before officially announced the names of the Awami League candidates and methods of BNP, to hide the names of his party's candidates.

At the same time, about 800 people were assigned to the letter of the Secretary-General of BNP Mirza Fakrul Islam Alamger he said. BNP secretary general himself signed all manonayanapatrei. In the absence of Begum Khaleda Zia and Tariq Rahman has a load on its own.

He said that we have nominations so far, almost 800 0-party alliance was sarikaderao. Nominations respectively lots of & # 39 united front. And if the choice is made, it will be all right.

Gulshan office on Tuesday afternoon, Mirza Fakhrul Islam said at a press conference.

With a total allocation of seats will be partners? The question that he was not more than 60.

How much space will be partners 0 Fakhrul party alliance said in answer to a question, I can not remember the exact figure. About fifty possible.

How many seats the national united front partners on the issue, they are now with the & # 39 are allocated to the parties. After discussion will be OK.

0-BJP alliance, the Caliphate Majlis, the LDP, tightness with regard Party (Zafar), Jamal Ulema Islam, NPP left Labor Party and the Communist opposition parties place. However, he declined to name the exact number of Alamgir.

According to party sources, however, other partners from 0 Bhola-1 constituency BDP andalibha Pārtha Rahman, constituency NPP Nora II pharidujjamana Farhad, Narayanganzh-5 constituency TBN party, Saeed Ahmad, Muhammad Saeed Ibrahim Chittagong -5 places Welfare Party Chittagong-14 constituency LDP Oli Ahmed, Comilla-6 constituency Jamal ulema-e-Islam, Syed Ghulam Mohiuddin, Comilla -7 LDP place redao She Ahmed, Laxmipur-1 constituency LDP Shahadat Hossain Selim, Jamiat ulema-e-Islam Shahinoor Sunamganzh-3 dice, Pirozhpur-II constituency Labor party Saiful Rahman Iran, Piro zhpur-1 constituency of the National Party (Zafar) Mostafa Jamal Haider, Gaibandha-3 Tim Fazl Rabbi, Chandpur-3 constituency SM Alam, Kushtia II place Ahsan Habib Lincoln Brahmanbaria-4 constituency selection letter heads rice Salim November Yechena.

Still not sure what the reason is to know about the nomination of the party candidates to protect the government claims calculated strategy to the party late, the final candidates.

BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, still officially designate the party, if you will be notified. He sent a letter to the returning officer along with the symbol of the distribution list will be published. Candidates have time until then, until revoked.

Begum Khaleda Zia of the BNP is still not sure whether to participate in elections.

According to the schedule of elections eleventh parliamentary elections on December 30. As the last day for filing of nomination papers tomorrow, 8 November. Careful removal of candidates and in December last year during December 9th.

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