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Anis was an actor || Culture Yard || Janakantha


The actor was Anis

Reporter staff. The joke was supposed to solve the job. Radio, TV, silver Parda in all areas of human health laugh. Comedian Anis shocked man ever to come from head to toe. Ara Begum, who lost his wife Anis 013 Kulthum. If two daughters, one daughter from the country. One neat living Tikatuli Abhay Das Lane house was one of the famous actor. Nevertheless, he was healthy and normal life yapanai. Father Aminur Rahman Anis was Zhalpayguri tea business. Feni Aminur Rahman had to be there because of his father's business. So Anis was born there. Many of the tooth, which was a little more later called age Anis. At one time in Zhalpaiguri anisadera something & # 39; and came to the village. Anise study there. School life, "dress like Britain Edge" program, and Anis keep himself in his heart. As a reward he received the money 50-60. will piyanadera school with money.

Anis came at the time. Ephadisite worked squeeze Rahman's elder brother. If the old films are still listed in the name of his older brother, Hassan image fibers squeeze "match. By the time the elder brother of the famous photographer Sayeedur studio gave the work. Anise beginning any work. FDC sound rekardista met. He & # 39 is the older brother Anis permission to edit the job. Roy met there was a famous cinematographer. He role of the first Udayan «bisakanya» in the filming. The shooting started. Anis said, "Why did not understand a word ah grandmother, the girl on the forehead khuila passes rightly go home" But the operator, director and said. "Where to display this content, or throat, do not look there," Anis running when they heard. . He was later jillara Rahim "that's life" kinakar & # 39; EPA began with anise it was released in 1964. He was the editor of the film and Rahman etesu But acting bustle of time for him to quit editing work grows Anise also an actor…. radio artist and natyaabhineta. Kalim Sharaf had a role in the TV. Atauro Khan had the opportunity to play on the river adyo again.

He did not, however, never anywhere else. All tried to estimate his genius. Everybody understood that this is due to the talent of Anisa, he had the courage to Kalim Sharaf, Atauro Khan, beautiful, talented person. Anise long-acting car & # 39; EASURES and worked most of the characters Razzak, Shakib Khan and Farooq. He worked most of his heroines, Shabnam, Suzhate with Shabana and sabanurera. Anis said lifetime, behind me, today, whose role was terrible, and they came payarye etesu, Mostafiz, Zaheer Kazi Kamal Ahmed Rahman, Khan's uncle, I am very grateful to the director a good akasasaha.

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