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Anjana set a unique precedent! – Samakalnews24


Accept donations, and on the opposite actress Anjana donation made through the instance. Bangladesh Film Artists Association recently donated Rs one nail.

Misha Association attended the merchant, general secretary Zayed Khan, director of Kiddie Badiul Alam Association Secretary-General, Kabirul Early Islam, Habibul Islam Habib, producer Khosrow Khorshed Alam, among others.

However, the three-katha pasnatati Uttara his contract with the company from & # 39 is the developer. From there, the sum of Anjana million (cash) gave the head of the Association of Artists.

Anjana says: "God has given me some of the money from the Association of Artists of the films. The organization of my soul. As my family & # 39; I. I always try to improve. I live as long as you stay with the movie. The film will be part of the happiness and sadness. "

According to him, one-time film, with whom I spent the day in the chat-happy, as many of them are still alive today, the poor artist. That's too bad, because, in accordance with their ability to stand next.

Kiddie Badiul Alam said: "This event will be an example for society. There are many Anjana accept donations through the donation by the artist and his family & # 39; and should mamatba.

Lucky vigil outside the actress Foundation, Journey fund, various social and cultural organizations involved in road safety caisaha Anjana Sultan. Active in politics. It is also a & # 39; is a member of the League of women in Bangladesh. Versatile vocal talent, but is still active in the dance movie actress. He danced in various theaters and on television.

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