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Arun unequal love and Mitul


Ad Builder to build sky-Amin rough love story with a & # 39 is exceptional for the short film "Love luxurious. Contrary to popular belief, the actress Arun era of the golden age of the actor will be seen in the current mitulake Affan.

Amin Dhaka Times about the Creator of heaven, "he said Arun myamake believed to read the story, he agreed to make the film immediately. He praised the story was great. Therefore, we hope the audience will be able to give something good. "

The short film "Love wrote the script bilasira end ajisa Rahman. Firefly is responsible for the production of the film belongs to the "Firefly Entertainment. It will start from May 10, drsyadharanera Amin said the director of the sky.

The short film will be a turning point in his car & # 39; EASURES actor Mitul Affan. love of silent film in the last year ", he received the silver screen as a hero. Here are the rest of his heroines sarin. In anticipation of the release. Mitul were waiting for the release of "purpose" and "stuffed" two photos.

Dhakataimasa / April 30 / AH

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