Sunday , April 5 2020
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Baitul Mukarram mosque and threatened to blow up the IPHA


Islamic Foundation Baitul Mukarram mosque bombing and threatened to blow up the letter was sent.

Director General of the Islamic Foundation, along with the identity of JMB activists threatened in a letter sent by mail. The name of the sender claimed JMB activist Hafez Maulana Hoque.

General of the Islamic Foundation Acting Director recognized yugantarake Kazi Nurul Islam said the letter, people unfamiliar JMB activists have sent a letter of demand. We immediately informed the government circles.

He has already sent a letter to Minister of the Interior to take the necessary measures. DMP Commissioner and the area, as well as the copy of the letter given upakamisanarakeo. They said they warned.

Residential property around the National Mosque Baitul Mukarram stop anti-social actions, writing required. Otherwise, it was received bomb and bomb threats. Bangladesh prostitution at the top of the world's media was threatened buy list.

April 3 letter to the authorities of the Islamic Foundation. After this letter was sent to the Ministry of Religion to take the necessary measures. The Ministry of Religious Affairs has informed the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Took cognizance of the security forces are on high alert.

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