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Bangladesh brings saomi redami 7 and redami note 7


Bangladesh brings saomi redami 7 and redami note 7

Bangladesh brings saomi redami 7 and redami note 7

The last two series of the popular smartphone on the market redami redami Sources 7 and brought redami 7 saomi. Dual-tone design glass gradient redami note 7, 48-M and the rear chamber powerful chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 660. On the other hand, there redami 7 Snapdragon and dual chamber chipsets smartphones back 63. Both phones have powerful potential 4000 miliayampiyara battery.

Redami Note 7: A powerful 48-megapixel

Redami Series redami design Note 7 saomi brings a nice change. Front and rear panels Corning Gorilla Glass 5. It has 19.5 9 6.3-inch drop point ephaeicadi + display, with 39 & # resolution is 2340 × 1080 pixels. High pixel density and the right color (84% NTSC), one of the best experiences for customers who are able to fill the display.

Great photos in low-light conditions

Redundant cameras are used saomi Bright GM 1 byakasaida-ilyumineteda Samsung Isocell CMOS-sensor, with 39 & # is 48 million pixels. Samsung tetrasela sensor when shooting using technology that massive 1,6 iuema 4 pixels with pixels that ekibhuta. 1-megapixel camera, hypersensitivity to light, more bright and clear images even in low light.

Redami also note 7 camera features the latest in the AI, night mode feature, revealing skin AI, AI and AI potreitasa beauty that with & # 39 is the flagship smartphone saomira were brought to Mr. Mix 3. These features will ensure that customers experience great pictures .

Extreme performance and battery life

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset that redami Note 7 GHz clock frequency of 22 Hz, and the processing time of the game, which provides a smooth operation. 4000 mAh battery strong with excellent battery performance redami Note 7 continues the tradition, which is enough for the whole day user. USB Type-C has a charging port, Qualcomm Quick Charge customers can feel more charged up to 4. Various types of home appliances, such as televisions or air kandisanaragulote remote control at the IR blaster redami Note 7. It has the sound clear and high quality as intelligent audio PA.

built to Last

Note 7 redami reliable smartphone, its design in the latter, so that customers do not have to worry about the long term. It has been used in the front and rear glyasa Corning Gorilla 5, it should be more useful for everyday use. Dirghasthayitba for the growth of its chassis has been strengthened further konaguloke. Portaguloke button, and has a waterproof, so keep them away from the accident, which took place during use can be found in everyday life.

Redami 7: 63 Snapdragon

63 Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset that with 39 & # 7 is redami smartphone Cry oct-core processor and 50 is completed. Everyday experience Excellent customer and continuous gaming experience designed to give redami 7 smartphone.

Drop Dot Design

Redami 7 inch HD + 626 display points with short flaps and panels with curved design gradient. It's a great color eseche three comets Blue Moon iklipsa Red and Black. 9 aspect ratio wide LCD display, great games and video viewing experience for customers: 19 Corning Gorilla Glass is used to make dirghasthayitba 5.

Long waiting time and improve sound quality

4 Miliayampiyara battery systems for improving the quality and aptimaijaida completed 400 hours of standby time redami 7 confirmed. Phone sound quality is very good. Media playback and sound to ensure a clear call quality and more than the previous smartphones using a large speaker. The phone uses more infrared sensors, more than 4,000 customers in the electronics and home appliances, you can use it as a remote control.

Pricing and Availability

Redami Note 7 Space Black, Neptune Blue Nebula Reda and will hit the market this 3 attractive color. 3 GB, 32 GB versions cost thousands of rupees 17999, +64 4 GB 19 GB version price of Rs 999 and Rs 999 4 GB, 128 GB worth 1 thousand. 7. In the case of versions redami +16 11 000 GB worth 999 GB and 3 GB, 32 GB version price is Rs 13 thousand 999 crore. Redami notes from April 4 to 7, and 7 redami daraje apharasaha results can be found.

The authorities say?

The head of foreign expansion in the Indian subcontinent saomira signal Agarwal said, our basic philosophy of "all udbhabana forward to a number of significant publications redami redami Notes 7 and brought redami 7. Note 7 redami powerful 48-megapixel camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset and unusual design. Excellent combination of performance and design for each redami 7 brings. Mr. phyanasara prefers to use innovative products and services at affordable prices, great possibilities for those products, we have two excellent.

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