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Beginning at Anantara photo


Entertainment News: Earlier this month, Iran Jalil eternal hero was wounded in the shooting. His new film "The Day of religion to work there. Shooting is planned to go into the country again to restore the actor. However, this was not possible, because it is not completely healed.

Thus, after a few days of rest in the producer's office arranged a shootout hero. Today (31 March) at the factory office eternal Jalil Hemayetpur he began. Jalil confirmed infinity itself.

The Iranian part of the director and university professor of Persian language and literature assistant mumita al-Rashid, the eternal Sahib wounded, doctors said others. Iran has become more dangerous for him to go and shoot. Some progress has taken in Dhaka.

Iran & # 39 is the second week of March, one of the remote mountain and desert areas of Herat eternal Jalil rented. While he was injured after falling from a camel eternal Jalil shooting hanairane

He was taken to a local hospital immediately after the incident. But because there is not enough medicine 340 km south of Tehran, is the third largest city in Iran was taken esaphahane Ananta.

However, Jalil eternal chest pain is serious & # 39; serious side. He was taken to hospital in Dhaka bamarunagrada Thailand.

Ananta said: "De-Din in different countries of the world that Muslims are being tortured, it will be highlighted. In addition to shooting from Bangladesh, Iran, Lebanon and Syria.

Then the wife of the heroine in the film co-production plays a rainy, Farouk friend Sumon. Iran-Lebanon also stars in the front row in a number of countries are participating in it.

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