Saturday , April 4 2020
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Chinese developer 100 Transition to Google Apps


Fear of cyber attacks and data from the Play Store, to seize the Chinese developers of Android applications, «Du globala-100 transition to Google Apps.

Du global partly owned by the Chinese giant Baidu search engine has. How to Play Store app installed on the amount of the Global 100, more than 60 million.

Google already has removed 46 apps. Remove the rest of the applications from the Play Store Du globalake US search engine giant plans to ban the organization.

A Google spokesman said: "We are actively studying the harmful activity, and we see some of the pie, do not move, ayadamaba review App Store or Google Play Developer application includes the ability to undo."

Baidu Android applications from Play Store, as well as the lifting of the ban on advertising on Google.

The number of subscribers has suffered five million monthly active Du Global applications. Platform Android advertising campaign to reach 80 million subscribers.

If yes, then it will be removed from the Play Store globalake Google of the biggest constraints.

Du Baidu has been to global subsidiaries. Since the beginning of 2018 to 34 per cent of the shares in two separate companies Baidu.

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