Friday , November 15 2019
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Comilla Burichang-brahmanaparaya rebels win: -753390 | KalerKantho


District Council elections Burichang Brahmanpara Comilla and was elected chairman of the Awami League rebel candidate. At the end of voting at the elections held on Sunday evening, unofficial results showed.

Brahmanpara Upazila Parishad Chairman and Awami League rebel candidate won the party convened Joint Alhazh Mohammad Abu Taher. 40 of the 156 electoral votes he received. Boat symbol of his opponent Awami League nominated candidate Jahangir Khan Chowdhury and Awami League chapter twenty thousand votes.

On the other hand Comilla district electoral council unofficially won the post of committee chairman and vice president of rebel candidate Av league Akhlaq Haider. He received 54,508 votes. His rival Awami League nominated as a candidate and Awami League president Advocate boat symbol. Hash Khan, received 738 votes to 9.

8 hours before the end of counting the votes were upajelaguloya. According to the source, but the rest of the district Awami League backs candidates forward 4.

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