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Death publicly Nobel original song (video) | Recent News BD


West Bengal, the popular reality show «saregamapa India with rapid popularity in Bengal won two Nobel young mainula Ahsan. Performance of the Young Turks, one after another, became the most discussed and studied voice at this time. The judges praised the song, starting with the common people by word of mouth.

The first original song Nobel was popular at that. It emerged from Nobel playback. Not the end of surprises. Mukherjee, the most well-known establishment in India & # 39 is the first song of its new directors.

The name of the film «bhincida. In just a few days before the film's trailer was released. There Nobel "Your mind is" part of the song titles can be heard. Then the Nobel for his fans were willing to listen to the whole song.

Finally, the wait is over. Nobel sing the song was released on YouTube. March 31, the official YouTube channel on Sunday afternoon Shree Venkatesh Films unloaded "Your Mind" lyrics.

Immediately after the publication of the song, the audience was captured. YouTube and Facebook audience at the time of increasing the number of songs. Free thousands of comments.

"Your mind," a song written by two of the most popular singer Anupam Roy. He's got a melody-sangitayojanao. mixing music and Webmastering SOMY Chatterjee.

«Bhincida movie tag line & # 39 are:" The Art of revenge, revenge art. This implies, the story of the film revenge. The film starred actor Gosha rudranila in Calcutta, Ritwik Chakraborty, Aunirvan Bhattacharya government Sohini Sen and actor national award status. 1 April bhincida "The film will be released.

Nobel "your mind"

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