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Deepika responded by voting trolera


A few days before social media became a Bollywood star Padukone trolera. Raised questions about her citizenship. It's been said Deepika was born in Denmark, his passport country. He is not the & # 39; is a citizen of India. Deepika will not be able to vote in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

But to stand in line to vote trolera said the actress. The city was recognized as current-carrying Deepika place in Mumbai on Monday. He stood in line to vote on the same day passport. In order to vote. Exchange Instagram photo passport wrote the headline, "I am proud to be a citizen of India."

Troladakaridera actress explained that voice, that he & # 39; is a citizen of any country. The Mena Galzar in chapaka «Deepika finished filming. He plays the role of acid-affected Indian woman Laxmi Agarwal. This is due to release this year.

«Chapaka through more than a year, and stood before the camera Deepika. He was released in January, the most debated and controversial film last year «padmabata. Ranbir Singh married in November. Spend some time sweet «chapaka» heroine again he showed his face on camera.

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