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Eid comes Shakib Khan "Biography"


Eid means the center of the main attractions of the domestic audience picture actor Shakib Khan! Shakib came, as usual, with IDEO barapardaya picture. Produced by and starring himself, "password" for the movie still released to celebrate. Multiple images can come! But there was already great news!



Chotapardaya, as well as a very big surprise hero of the screen, known as King Khan "Biography"! There you can see, the background history of the origins Shakib Khan. Films will compete for survival, hard work and success in many ways.

Not only that, people will bayographite anekadikao Shakib Khan and his family & # 39; I. Ahmed Bin tamija & # 39; re building this program. Internet channel, he said that the information 1-hour period Shakib Khan "Biography" will be aired on Friday from 5 to 7 channels.

Initially, the program was named "Biography shocked. The name may change, however, is responsible for the planning and production of Ahmed bin tamija. According to him, the event will cover a large part Shakib Khan "password" of the various aspects of the film. Emon ceremony with her, bubalisaha «password" associated with many of the film can be seen.



That's why in the name of trying to Shakib Khan «Password», to save the name. Tuesday (30 April) the name of the final conversation with Shakib Khan, Aftab said that bin tamija.

He calls it «Shakib Khan Biography" may be called. The reason is that bayographite, much will be highlighted here. Childhood and adolescent ways to come up with Shakib Khan.

However, many stars Shakib Khan too small to show on this occasion. Shakib Khan, the film will be directed by the dragon Ripon ceremony seasonal presentations.

From May 16 to 0 captures the life of the program was scheduled for the superstar dhallywood.

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