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Errors air ambulance, Subir Airport Nanda again CMH


It was assumed that in Singapore for better treatment of air ambulance to be taken on Monday night musician Subir nandike ETV medalist. But due to mechanical failure on an air ambulance from Singapore have been suspended.



Internet channel at 1 pm on Monday night, according to the National Burn and Plastic Surgery Institute says Samanta Lal Sen, National Coordinator.

Samanta said Rubin, 8:00 pm air ambulance from Singapore arrived at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. After waiting for a long time in the air at ten o'clock, but was informed that the air ayambulensatite mechanical defects.

Internet Channel I said, we went into the air ayambulensatite utheo. But the council was informed of the error. This is the first I've heard of an air ambulance to an error. If this is a bad sign.

Errors associated with air ambulance from the airport were brought to nandike KMZ Soubirous again Samanta said Rubin.



He came to the CMH airport Soubirous nandike again. About to leave Singapore on Tuesday said an air ambulance to us.

Dr. Samanta Lal Sen, met with the Prime Minister & # 39; er Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday Soubirous Nanda status information. At the same time, Subir nandike Singapore General Hospital, asked the Prime Minister & # 39; er minister to prepare.

After the call is in hospital Subir nandike Singapore. Subir Nanda Nanda Phalguni goes with her daughter. He asked the people to pray to the Father Subir rhea.

Nanda Subir suffering from renal and cardiovascular diseases for a long time. Moulvibazar relatives went to the family home & # 39; and April 1. It was a ritual. Growing up in the afternoon for the train to return to Dhaka on April 14, they went to Srimangal Moulvibazar. Train ill.

Fortunately there was a doctor on the advice of the lack Soubirous nandike they go down to the station at the airport. Conditions deteriorate around 11 pm, he was immediately taken to the CMH.

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