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Everyone will share the prize money Monica


He scored a goal. If there is one. However, it is not possible to analyze the game Chakma Monica with two goals. Manikamaya was the whole match. Dealt in the middle of the field. The counterattack was a show. And who would be the best player of the match. Picked up his man of the match award. But she will share all the midfield.

A few days before viral social media with & # 39 is a video news conference. In another match of the best players in the group stage, a journalist asked Sanjida Akhter fun you do with $ 500 Sanjida with a shy smile and said, noting that the bank said. It is very natural to view it.

Bangladesh women's team, most of the players came from the seven & # 39; middle-class ads. $ 500, which is about 40 ppm Many Bangladeshi currency for them. Monika great performance matches up to the semi-finals. But money alone does not make itself Monica. He has his reasons.

For a taste for the press conference, a reporter asked what to do with the money? Monica said, "I'm so excited to be the best match. I think everyone on the team does not pass by me, and I could not play so well. Even if it would not help us syarerao. So all will share some. "

Monica showed a big heart. Teammates like reward. In the final game, you can play, if you keep the award on his consistency. If you want to win the man of the match award in the midfielder, but it is not, in fact, he does not think about the match. I want the team to win. In order to become a champion. "

Bangladesh almost uriyei manikamaya match-day Mongolia. They won 3-0. Krishna & # 39 is one of the best two-star team to play without approaching Swapna Rani Sarkar and Sirat Jahan. They felt that there was no great performance Monica. The final ticket corresponds to the girls.

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